monotone (tone_milazzo) wrote in little_details,

Undercover (bi-racial) Brother

Edit: I got my answer. Thanks for the confirmation everyone!

Character is a 13 year old bi-racial boy.
His mother is a dark-skinned African-American.
He's never met his father.
The father is on the darker side of Caucasian, black hair, tans easily (mostly Welsh, and a little Irish and a little American Indian).
The character's spent his entire life in East St Louis (population 97% African-American).
And his mother kept his hair in dreads.

Would it be reasonable for the character to have assumed that his father was a light-skinned African-American rather than a white man?

[My ex-s kids are bi-racial and look bi-racial but their father was a pale red-head.]
Tags: ~science: biology: genetics

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