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Amazonian survival guides, bugs, animals, plants oh my!

Alright, here's the situation.

I have a group of travelers. About 40 of them. Now, hiding isn't a problem, since I have magic and other things. However, they're going to be hiding in the Amazon basin for various reasons --main one being the canopy provides lots of cover. What I need is suggested reading (books preferably small, easy to take) that they can take with them to recognise the well more well known bugs/animals/plants/fish/etc. They're going to be able to take them with them and if they are semi-technical (I have a xeno-biochemist and a biologist going with them) that's fine.

Any 'Surviving the Amazon for Dummies' books are fine too. (I have a few books already listed, but I'm looking more for the non-tourist type.) Any suggestions?
Tags: south america (misc), ~wilderness survival

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