Tarsius syrichta (koboldmaki) wrote in little_details,
Tarsius syrichta

Drugs to calm an overactive mind.

I am looking for a drug that would have the same effect on my character as the infamous cocaine solution has on Sherlock Holmes. Something that would numb an overactive mind, a mind that, without clear focus, tends to "go wild", so to speak, and give the thinker a lot of trouble, and no chance to breathe. I am looking for something more legal than cocaine (or heroin, for that matter), and something that doesn't need to be injected. Marijuana isn't possible as the character concerned doesn't smoke (he's a bit of a bigot there) and the smell would be too much of a giveaway. Also, something not too illegal. I think, after a day of googling, that DXM, or Dextromethorphan, might be something to look for, or morphine, maybe, an opiate not as strong as heroin... but am not sure enough to start writing about it. He has been using the drug for nearly a year now, if this is important.

Edit: The Setting is todays Los Angeles, our hero (not) is very intelligent, but just dropped out of college for various reasons, and lives with his aunt and uncle, who are fairly well-to-do, but far from rich.
Tags: ~recreational drugs

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