The Dust (dust_patterns) wrote in little_details,
The Dust

Grocery Store Evacuation

I'm just looking for a realism vote on this. Now, I have two MC's; a guy and a girl. The girl is a cashier at a major-chain grocery store, and the guy works in produce at the same store. The girl goes for her break, and while she's up in the women's change room (there is a lunch room, and a guy's change room across the hall), the compressor blows up. The compressor is in the same relative area of the girl. This isn't a serious explosion, no fire or anything; however, it starts letting off toxic fumes. Three people in the lunch room are close to passing out, the store manager in her office almost DOES pass out, and at that point, she sounds the alarm and makes everyone get out of the store.

Back to the girl MC in the changeroom. She's listening to headphones, and her music is pretty loud. She doesn't hear the call to get out of the store, and is starting to succumb to the fumes. The guy MC, knowing that she went on her break, goes up to look for her, and helps her out of the store.

This has happened to my grocery store, so I know it's real enough to happen. But my story isn't actiony in that sense, more of a twisted romance story about real life. The poll? PLEASE; vote yes or no, realistic or too much?
Tags: ~explosive & explosions

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