the sun is made of string (spyderwebb) wrote in little_details,
the sun is made of string

hyena hunting habits and buying in bulk

Hello. I have a couple of questions.

First, I need some information on hyena hunting habits. From Google and Wikipedia, I know that they don't go direct for the neck like lions and other big predators, but like to take small bites to bleed their prey to death. Two of my characters are monster-like humans who hunts in the same way. Would this be plausible? They hunt slower moving animals that get lost and exhasted in the desert, and attack with knives. Also, any more information about the way hyenas hunt would be very helpful.

Secondly, in the same story, a girl lives with her father and brother in the middle of nowhere. They are the only people around for miles. For food and supplies, a truck comes once a month to bring non-perishables and medical supplies. Obviously, these things are bought in bulk. My question is, how much bandaging (like gauze or ace bandages) would come in just one bulk package?

Thanks a bunch!
Tags: ~animals (misc), ~hunting

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