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Job Help

Hi there. 

I'm at a loss over what my main character actually does for a living.  I know what she does that's the focus in my story, and it doesn't have much to do with where she works.  However, there are a couple of scenes that will be necessary that happen at work, I just am having a terrible time figuring out what that is. 
I was hoping you all could help.

Here's what I do know about her job:
She works mainly at night.
It must have something to do with the medical profession or with death/dying
It must still have a bit of interactions with the living
She's going to need her own office (area) to work in

A few things that might also help:
She's not a vampire.  She works at night due to other things she works on during the day, hence the night job.
Possibly, the less science the better.  Research is one thing, books, I can live with.  It's the descriptions of medicines and procedures I don't want to have to mess with as a writer.  I'd invariably get it wrong.
She needs her own working space for nothing more than having to bring someone to work with her almost every day (think: bodyguard).

Any help would be appreciated. For now, I'm writing stuff that doesn't take place around work, trying to veer around those as long as possible.  Unfortunately, someday, she'll actually need to be at work in one of the scenes, and then I'll be lost.

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