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Insulin injections and Japanese schoolgirls

Two unrelated questions:
1) One of my characters is a diabetic and has to take regular insulin injections. However, since he wants to hide the fact that he's sick, and is worried that someone might see the marks and think he's doing drugs or something, is there anywhere he could take them so they wouldn't be easy to spot? Even when he's changing for P.E. and the like? Was thinking of the armpit or the back of the knee or somewhere, but I don't know if there are any veins there that are big enough.

2) Another character is a Japanese schoolgirl with 1/4 American ancestry. She's grown up in Japan, speaks only Japanese and so forth, and is in all other respects a "proper" Japanese teenage girl... however, her ancestry does show, she has light eyes and reddish-brown hair. (Yes, I know, that's v. unlikely after 2 generations of marrying Japanese; anime canon.)

How likely is it that she would face prejudice in school, or when looking for work later? Would parents generally dislike the idea of their sons dating or marrying someone who was obviously part foreigner? (I'm assuming that Japan is like most other places, re: the older generation being more likely to cling to racial prejudice; this may not be the case, if so please tell me!)
Tags: japan (misc), japan: education, ~medicine: illnesses: diabetes, ~racial prejudice (misc)

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