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a few loosely-related questions (Japanese adolescents)

I've checked Google for most of these questions, and have found some general information, but I'm still trying to narrow things down. Any help or insight would be a huge help. (Also, the story is set closer to 2000 than now, if that makes any difference.)

First: what kind of birth control might sexually active teenagers (15-18) in Japan tend to use, if any? My understanding is that the pill has only recently started to be accepted, and that condoms are common (likewise abortions), but I don't know if that's mainly true among adults or if it would be true for teenagers as well, esp. in terms of getting prescriptions or having access. Would there be any shame or legal issues associated with obtaining birth control?

Second: is the concept of atoning for a sin or dishonor by committing suicide at all alive and well among young Japanese, other than those who commit suicide over disasterous extrance exams?

Third: is public affection still something that's not done among adolescents, or is Westernization eroding that?

Fourth: if mental health issues are still regarded as sources of shame, would a Japanese teenager with serious problems (on the scale of total withdrawal from the world, possibly with delusional behavior) be kept at home or committed for some kind of treatment, assuming the family had the money to provide either kind of care?

Thanks a lot!
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