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On formaldehyde, body decomposition and slight necrophiliac behaviour

First post here.

I'm writing a fanfic and I needed some little help.

It's about a sexual act between two men. Only one of them has to wear these dead breasts out of formol and somehow held in a bra.

question #1: can it be posibble so that the dead breasts could remain somehow soft on touch? If so, for how long? What exactly is the colour of the breasts? Does they smell other than the formol they've been kept in? If the act consumes itself in a cold room does that resolve the problem of the smell (formol)? --> I want to solve the problem of smell so that it wouldn't bother so much.

question #2: I read about formaldehyde and I found out that it's a substance that when in contact with produces headaches, vision problems, redness (contact with skin). My question is: can some of these factors be neutralized with any other substance or another climate with different temperature conditions (for example coldness) - so that the contact between the two characters wouldn't be restrictioned so much?

What other alternative is there so they can do it and still not be to be hindered by blood, decay etc. (I'm starting with the idea that they're both derangged, so the simple fact that one of them is wearing dead breasts isn't such a turn off for the other).

Already searched on wikipedia and:

Tags: ~forensics: corpses, ~medicine (misc), ~sex

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