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Of Plague air and Pinwheels

Hello, I've recently joined this comm and find it so interesting to read everyone's questions and answers (even if I don't have anything constructive to offer up).

I am currently writing a story set during the Black Death Plague in London (1300s) with a twist in which there are demons to be fought and magic is to be used (kinda like a historical fantasy). Won't bore anybody with the details, but I am having a bit of a dilemma with a little detail that I'm hoping someone could help me with.

In the story, the plague is spread through the air, and to effectively repel these poisoned airs I'd like to use a pinwheel as a sort of magical device/relic that would spin and keep the vapors at bay. My question is this; would they have had pinwheels in London back then? Not surprising I couldn't find anything quite so specific on Google. (don't know why they wouldn't have pages and pages addressing this question ^_^) I know it's an origami creation, so chances are it is from the East and didn't make it over there until later... but I won't know unless I ask, right?

If not a pinwheel, could anybody suggest any other devices from that era that would have used the air/wind somehow (spinning, etc.) that could stand in place of a pinwheel? I can use a spinning top, but would prefer something a bit more connected with air and wind.

I appreciate any help or suggestions anyone could give me in this. Thank you!!

EDIT: Thank you everyone who replied. I've received many wonderful suggestions, and have an answer to my question! ♥
Tags: 1300-1399, ~games, ~medicine: historical, ~middle ages

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