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Personal accounts of attitudes towards Iraq in the 80s

Sadaam Hussein came into power in 1979. He controlled much of the oil blah blah blah - thank you, Wikipedia, but I'm looking for something a little more insightful.

Certain flashbacks in my story involve British and American government agents in the late 70s and early 80s dealing with Middle Eastern affairs. I am trying to accurately represent the popular and governmental attitudes towards Hussein, the oil situation, and any possible threats they might have posed. Obviously I already know what their assignment is, and since it's fiction I can set up any scenario I want - just so long as I know how to explain why no one knew about it. But I want it to fit seamlessly into history as we know it, especially since many of the people reading are plenty old enough to remember this time. I was but a wee lass, and I need help.

Were WMD rumours bouncing around at that time? In general, what was the media saying about the Middle East and Sadaam himself? What was the main buzz in those days - Russia, still? Something else?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated!
Tags: 1980-1989, iraq (misc)

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