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Planetary Orbit and Seasons

I was hoping that someone can help me out here.

I'm creating a fantasy world which has an orbit around it's sun which takes 416 days, they have 13 months at 32 days each, although the planet's rotation is the same as our own (I think this is the right term, they have roughly twenty-four hours in a day). The orbit is a flat oval, meaning that twice a year it passes close to the sun, and twice a year it is far from the sun. And I'm assuming the planet's axis would be tilted like ours.

I don't have my atlas at home, and most of the stuff I'm getting on Google is a bit technical for my understanding.

I'm just curious to know what effect this would have on the seasons on this planet. Would they have two summers a year (as the planet passes close to the sun)? Or would they have long summers and long winters or whatever because of the way the planet turned?

Any help would be great, this sort of science wasn't my strong point at school and there's only so much I can get from the BBC Bitesize website :)

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~climate/weather, ~science: astronomy

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