Grey Fedora Hat (greyfedorahat) wrote in little_details,
Grey Fedora Hat

A few 1930s questions...

I'm a teen apsiring author, and I'm beginning to plan out a "mafia" story if you will. This is going to take place in the 1930s New York City (A little "overused", I know...) and I have a male main character. To my questions...

1) My main character is half Italian. I've heard in some mafias or mobs they accept you if the father is at least Italian. (Which his father is. His mother was American.) Were they very common?
2) How old would you have to be to be accepted? Or do they not care? (He's 19 by the way.)
3) His name is Louis. Is it ok if I have him with a non-Italian first name? (Even though his middle and last name are.)Would readers frown at that?
4) Is Viviana a good Italian female name? I've been looking on all kinds of naming websites they had nothing better. Would you mind suggesting a few?

Thanks in advance guys. You'll really help!
Tags: 1930-1939, usa: new york: new york city, ~names, ~organized crime

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