Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!

New community pimpage!

Remember, kids: I had to ask myself for permission before posting off-topic.

There's a new community for writers on the block: multilingual. It's like little_details in concept, only for languages. From the user info:
You just know that someone somewhere is laughing themselves silly because your Navy Lieutenant just said something about a purple elephant is his sexy French voice. So what's a writer to do?

Well, hopefully, come here and beg someone who actually speaks the language to help you. Pretty cool idea, no? Now let's see if it works...
If you like the community idea, please let your friends know, because it won't work without a big enough pool of members who can help out. (Also, please use foreign languages in fic judiciously, or you might appear on fanficrants.)

Disclaimer: multilingual and little_details are not affiliated in any way. little_details cannot be held responsible for trolling, asshaberdashery, or other negative goings-down in multilingual.
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