jademortel (jademortel) wrote in little_details,

Royal headgear...

You know, I'm usually good at Googling things. But this is the first time I've had to actually use this community. (Hi, everyone!)

So my question is: would a princess, next in line to the throne, wear a crown, a tiara, a diadem... what? I'm writing a fantasy story, so I suppose I could just make it up... But I still want it to be semi-realistic.

Not sure which time period I would then use as a reference... I'm thinking 17th/18th century.

EDIT: Wow, thanks guys! You gave me more than perfect information - you gave me ideas. You're all wonderful. :)
Tags: 1600-1699, 1700s (no decades given), history (misc), ~jewelry, ~nobility (misc)

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