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Scotland and london life (1970 -1980's)

Hi everyone

I'm looking for info from the 70's Scotland family-life. I would like to know things like what children use to watch on the tv? Which were the most common characters in their lunch boxes? If you grew up in a middle class family in Scotland, in the 70`s, how it was your routine? Which subjects would you learn at school and at which age? Perks about living there. Little common things.

Also about life at universities in the 80's in England. Again, I'm interested in common details, not only the things I can find in the history books, because in my opinion that history is always incomplete. I want to know the common kind of music between university students, the way men and women used to interact, how it was to live in a dorm? What kind of jobs a student would most probably have? Common cheap - student like - food. I want all those personal details that people remember but that books hardly ever mention.

I already made a google/wikki search but, thing is that I'm a biology student, I grew up in a non-British influenced country, so for me, to discern between the useful info and the load of crap available in the internet about this specific topic is kind of hard.

I'm just looking for directions.

Thanks for any help.
Tags: 1970-1979, 1980-1989, uk: education, uk: scotland (misc)

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