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Cutoff Age for Entering Primary School in San Francisco (also info on the UC Humanities Departments)

Okay, this is for a roleplaying character. I know the school district I started admitted all students born before a certain cutoff date to kindergarten, and shunted anyone born after that date to admission in the following year. I'm writing a character that was educated in a Catholic school somewhere in the San Francisco area -- he would ahev started school sometime in the early 1980's (his date of birth was August 24th, 1976). Since he was born in late August, and at least one school district I know of has its cutoff date around then, I wanted to see if anyone knew either way whether he would be one of the oldest kids in his classes or one of the youngest.

Also, if anyone knows, which schools in the University of California system (modern day) are known for having good history or classics programs? I might as well ask that while I'm here.
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