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1700s Male Fashion, specifically during the French Regency period (1715-1723)

Okay, I've spent a few hours google-ing with all my might and did find many interesting things, but nothing as precise as I'd like to. I'm looking for two things: the specific names for all parts of a noble man costume during the Regency period (if you can provide me with a little chart, my endless stupidity would perhaps begin to understand how all the clothing layers worked ¬_¬).

I'm confused between the justaucorps (on top?) and gilet (underneath?), and chemise seems so far to refer as part of the female costume? Also, I've found nothing about underwear/undergarment. What were people wearing around that time?

Bonus points if you can tell me if thigh-high soft leather boots are something possible for that period.

EDIT/ I'm referring to the period when Philippe d'Orléans was Regent of France, from 1715 to 1723. Sorry for the confusion. ^^;

EDIT2/ Thank you to everyone who answered: everything either confirm my findings or answers what questions I had left. Thanks again!

EDIT3/ If it could be of help to anybody else (yeaaah, right), I found another reference. It's in French, though, but you can also find other information about various periods in clothing.
Tags: 1710-1719, 1720-1729, france: history, ~clothing

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