Tallulah (versipellis) wrote in little_details,

Appearance of a stroke victim

This is a request made on behalf of a non-LJ-using friend.

She is writing a story about a man who suffers a stroke and is wondering if anyone on this comm has had a relative who's suffered a stroke. If so:

1) What did they look like initially after the stroke? Was there a significant change in their appearance and if so, what?

2) Did their appearance change to a significant degree as time passed?

She has researched strokes but although she's garnered lots of info on the medical side, she can't find anything anecdotal. I know this comm is pretty good for that so if anyone can help that would be very much appreciated - basically, she'd like, erm, little details on what it's like seeing someone you know in such a situation.

Thank you very much.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc)

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