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Will blood wrinkle fingers?
BtVS Willow ?
Okay ... so I've used every possible useful permeation of the phrases: blood wrinkling fingers, what causes fingers to wrinkle, things other than water that can wrinkle fingers ... (I retried all these search phrases substituting the word wrinkle for prune as well.) And the only thing people talk about wrinkling fingers is water. Now I know that at least certain juices will wrinkle fingertips after a while from first hand experience ... but ... will ... blood?

Things like setting and time frame for the story don't really matter as far as I can see. So let me tell you all you need to know.

My human character has just spent an entire day torturing vampires and has the blood all over her ... she's completely coated in the stuff and has been for at least 10 hours.

Since her hands have been wet with blood all day ... will her fingers get wrinkly (pruny)?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance in this matter!!!!

Circus performers in Victorian England - how would they be viewed?
yellowsub no idea
Time: the late 1880s
Place: London, with flashbacks to Baltimore and the American South
Search terms used: "circus performers in victorian england", "circus performers in victorian society", "circus performers outside of work"

Hi everyone,

I've been working for a while now on an urban fantasy novel set in the late 1800s. The heroine is a young, widowed black woman from the United States, and works as an acrobat in a traveling circus where most of the employees are (secretly) various were-animals, who use the circus as a cover for their need to transform once a month - the heroine herself is a were-leopard. During the course of the story, the circus (which in-universe is fairly famous) travels to London, where the heroine and her colleagues get involved in a murder mystery and she meets her eventual love interest, a police officer.

My question is, how would the circus employees be viewed/treated by London society when they're not performing? I've found a lot of articles that talk about how popular and subversive circuses were in Victorian society, due to the way they attracted people from all classes and walks of life (and some amusing notes about how moral guardians objected to the female acrobats), but not much about how the performers themselves were viewed off-duty. I know that actresses were looked down on - would my heroine be subject to the same treatment? What places would be acceptable for someone like her to socialize in the city? How would her relationship with the hero be viewed? (From what I understand, unless you were very high up in the ranks, police were considered working class.)

I'm aware that American and English social rules could be quite different - I'm mostly looking for English ones, although American ones are good too, and could help set up some moments of culture clash for the characters.

There are a number of book titles I've come across that look promising, but before I start delving through all of them, I thought I'd see if anyone had any recommendations, or other sources I should check out?

Silver Chains/Collars and Vampires
Hello, me again, and this time with a different story question.

Story takes place in the world of the movie 'Moon Child' (the one with Japanese musicians HYDE and Gackt) and set in the near future (2024 or so) where technology is more or less stagnated to early 2000's due to an near economic collapse. It all takes place in the fictional city of 'Mallepa', a melting pot for various ethnic immigrants, most notably poor Japanese. Oh, and Vampires exist.

In fic, Kei (HYDE's character) bargains himself off to the antagonist (another, older vampire with human and younger vampire minions) in order to free a friend and ends up being restrained inside a room with a chain and collar by said antagonist to prevent him from leaving once the friend is freed. Kei by this point is very weakened due to going without drinking blood for an extended amount of time but still stronger than an average human. They never say how old Kei is so age in terms of strength isn't really a factor here.

What I had planned on doing was having the chain be made mostly of silver until I remembered that silver is actually a pretty weak metal, and that even with a weakened and with a presumed aversion to silver, it probably wouldn't be enough to hold a vampire. I'm trying to figure out a good metal that could be mixed with silver and be strong enough to hold something stronger than human.

I've waded through the tags on here and google searched using the terms 'strength of silver', 'strength ratio of metals' and 'types of chains'. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure how exactly to word these in a way that would be even remotely helpful.

building maintenance in a fantasy world
SGA atlantis postcard
I’m writing a fantasy novel in which two of my MCs initially work as maintenance at a university of magic. It’s 1700s or 1800s-ish socially, but there’s no strict technological analogue, as magic has taken the place of a lot of technology, and some areas may be more advanced—and others, less- than the equivalent era. In this world, magic is pattern-based; you write/engrave designs on objects in order to cause your desired effect.

I have two questions:

a) Unfortunately, I have no real clear idea what exactly is it that building maintenance does on a day to day basis. I've googled 'what does a maintenance man do', 'building maintenance,' etc, but I haven't been able to get a good idea of what a daily schedule would look like. It's a university of about 500-600 people, if that makes a difference. I'd like one of my MCs take the other on a tour of what his new duties will be, as he's just starting out.

b) Related to that: I’m also having trouble coming up with specific ways in which magic could replace/assist regular household technologies (not just in maintenance areas, but also in everyday life). I’ve got things like spells (patterns) of preservation in pantries to keep food fresh, and ovens that run on magic rather than firewood, but, uh, past that I am coming up fairly blank. No idea what to google for this one. Any ideas?


Reincarnarion in medieval Germany?
pillars | history's our test
I'm working on a reincarnation story where the characters start out in Germany (specifically Bingen-on-the-Rhine) in the 700s, and end up, after several incarnations that end in blood and death, in 2011. The reason for all this born-again-ness is that one of the characters, knowing she was about to be executed, cast a spell to ensure that she and her lover would be brought back to life (she assumed it would be a few years later, but the spell sort of backfired on her) which sent them off into a neverending cycle of rebirths.  

The trouble is, I can't for the life of me seem to find any resources on what spell- or even what magic/folklore belief system- my character might be pulling on when she casts this. I've tried Googling "medieval folk magic," "German magic," "folk magic," "German folk magic" and "reincarnation," and the closest thing I've managed to pull up is this subsection in Wikipedia, which, while interesting (if geographically off-centre) in a cultural sense, does not tell me how a common magic-user might go about DOING this. Does anyone have suggestions? Links? Arcane spellbooks?

GSW to the chest (to order) and handguns
Monty Python - Mr Gumby
Setting: 2011, Honolulu, USA. It's pretty much our world, with added werewolves.

The character, S., is a fit, healthy Navy SEAL in his 30s (yes, this is Hawaii Five-0 fanfic) who in my story is a werewolf. Lycanthropy gives him faster healing and greater physical resilience, but this is a closely-guarded secret and not known to the doctors treating him.

My questions mostly concern the plausibility of my scenario. Some details can be glossed over, since the story's narrated by a shocked and scared civilian with limited medical knowledge. I'd like to be accurate, if possible, but I'd settle for not making readers roll their eyes!

1) Gun questions. ETA: these are now answered, thanks!Collapse )

2) Medical questions. ETA: these are now answered, thanks!Collapse )


- google (variations on 'handguns', 'self-defense', 'gunshot wound', 'sucking chest wound', 'intubation', etc)
- Wikipedia articles (ballistic trauma, handguns, 9mm, chest wounds, chest tube, pneumothorax, hemothorax, intubation, etc)
- I've looked at all little_details entries tagged "medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds", plus some of "medicine: injuries to order" and "weapons: firearms"
- I've also read parts of two free ebooks: Di Maio, Gunshot Wounds and Dodd, Terminal Ballistics, though I had some trouble understanding them.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Injuries with regenerators
I have a few characters who are regenerators, able to heal a lot quicker then normal people are. However I would like to do this as realistically as possible, with some fudging allowed (as there are vampires and werewolves and dragons, oh my!). As my novel is in first-person and the character (a regenerator) gets injured quite frequently, it would probably be a good thing to figure out. The regeneration is a fairly high one, but not an ungodly one.

Cut for lengthCollapse )
Thank you in advance!

Packing a motorcycle, picking a gun for monster hunting, specialty ammo
Followup for my previous post here. Time: near future, place: US, research: futzed around a bit on camping-supply sites and looking at guns and ammo, followed the links I was given last post, and asked things here and here. Other than that, not sure where to look.
Stowing her gearCollapse )
Boomsticks and pointy thingsCollapse )
Funny ammoCollapse )

And if you have any other advice, or think I'm ignoring something important, please tell me that, too.
(I... may be overthinking this just the *teeniest* bit)

Werewolf poisoned with silver
Hi, My character is a werewolf, she has accidentally ingested silver by drinking it in synthetic blood (it wasn't meant for her it was meant for her vampire companion) she is attending a vampire ball.

Q1) What would the symptoms of silver poisoning of a werewolf be?

Q2) How would they be treated? (she can't get to a doctor easily or quickly)

Q3 If untreated would it be fatal?

Search terms used: werewolf poisoning, werewolf poisoning with silver, werewolves and silver.

[the Mods suggested I ask for symptoms of heavy metal and or silver poisoning on humans as an example.]

Equipment and supplies for traveling around killing monsters (inc. ammo questions)
Time: nearish future, maybe 15 years from now. Place: continental US, possibly also Canada and/or Mexico. Our Heroine does have a passport, if that's relevant.
Searches: honestly, wasn't really sure what *to* search for this one...

Our Heroine (my future roleplaying character) is 19, in good health, and traveling around the country on a motorcycle, killing evil things/monsters/beasties/Titanspawn. Other than things obtained and discarded locally, everything she has has to fit into the plausible carrying capacity of a motorcycle and (probably) a small motorcycle trailer. But I'm not sure what the likely set of stuff would be. My guesses below... please confirm, negate, or add additional suggestions...
Longish list O' thingsCollapse )
Anything else you'd have, if you were her?

stabilizing werewolf hit by a car, modern-day
Yet again my Muse's werewolves have written me into a corner I can't begin to think how to Google my way out of, since it's not even really comparable to any situations that I imagine would arise in human medical practice:

The setting is a large city in the contemporary US. Our werewolf, in his canine form (full-on shape and basic biology of a dog, albeit a very large one, say circa 180lb), has been clipped by a car in a crosswalk. His minder calls immediately for medical assistance, and he's brought to a (sympathetic) emergency vet.

My question is, assuming that his injuries will revert at least partially once he changes back at moonset, what would be done to stabilize him medically, as a "dog", until then? I can tinker with both the severity of his condition and the length of time until moonset; the problem I'm having is that the vet wouldn't want to be doing any serious interventions like casts or surgery under these circumstances (since they realize he will heal at least part of the way during his transformation back, so anything that's still an issue afterwards is better left to treat when he's human again, and at any rate it would be awkward to have a dog-sized cast on or be in the middle of a surgery when he did change), so they're basically keeping him comfortable, oxygenated, whateverthehell..., for maybe an hour or two until then, so he has the best chance of transforming back to human under as little additional stress as possible. What is he hooked up to, how is he being medicated or sedated (he retains his human intelligence and can follow directions if he's conscious, if this affects anything), what is the vet telling his minder, can this be kept going until the family has a chance to arrive and be worried for him, etc?

After a Rape, Investigating Investments, Cool Cars of Tomorrow
Setting:  USA, 2040-ish

Searches:  "rape kit procedure unconscious victim"-esque strings turned up very depressing news stories but no answer to my question, much like "hypovolemic shock rape emergency contraception", etc; no clue how to search for the investment investigation question; and lots of "future classic cars USA -sportscars", etc, searches didn't help me much because I don't know the limits of retrofitting.  Also checked the community tags, which did help with other questions, but had conflicting answers about rape kits.

Cut for sexual violence and goreCollapse )

Crime victim's investmentsCollapse )

Car wanted for vampire hunter, no Impalas need applyCollapse )

Name needed for a half werewolf part fairy baby girl
mr blonde
hi, I'm writing a story at the moment and I've introduced a new character, a baby girl. She is the daughter of a Russian werewolf called Vladimir and a human woman with Fae great, great grandparents. Both are dead, she has been adopted by a vampire and his mate who is also a werewolf (she is of Norse heritage.) The vampire in question (has Norse heritage) beheaded Vladimir in a fight to the death and was indirectly involved in the mothers death.

Q - I would really like suggestions for a name for the baby girl, either:

a - A Werewolf related name
b - A Russian name (for the father)
c - A Norse Goddesses name (not Freya or Fenrir please)
d - A colour (she has brown hair and brown eyes)
e - A combination of all of them?

Search terms used: Female Norse Gods, Norse Wolf Gods, Russian baby names, Russian female baby names, girls colour names, colour baby names..

It's driving me mad! Thanks in advance.

A fire that would destory the wound on a body?
Kris Allen
A modern day vampire story.

Hiding potentially triggering stuff - murder / killing people / body / blood / fire etc.Collapse )

Thanks a lot!

Hoop snake variant, possibly witch- or vampire-related?
Heart Girl
I remember reading a summary of a legend about a snake-like mythological creature similar to a hoop snake or ouroboros which would sometimes feed by suckling the breasts of a young mother. The snake-thing would put its tail into the mouth of the woman's infant so that she wouldn't notice its crying. Thus, the snake drinks milk and the baby starves. It's similar to the milk snake legend about drinking milk from cows, but this specific creature is cited as intelligent and preying on humans.

I have a vague idea that this creature is related either to witches or vampires, but I'm not entirely certain, and I could be wrong about it being a hoop snake variant. I've read a lot of material about cryptids and mythological creatures, so I could be mixing things up.

Basically, I'm trying to find a name and a more detailed account of the milk-drinking snake-creature.

Various searches have mostly turned up information about normal milk snakes, which isn't helpful. If someone can give me a name for this creature or at least point out which country/culture the legend likely came from, I would appreciate it.

Vampires working for The Red Cross or other blood banks
happy days
Setting: Modern day America.

Details: Vampires who have no problem with sunlight (and are undetectable for the most part) working for a blood bank and pinching a few bags here and there.

Alright, going out of my mind here. I've checked the tags and I've done my googling, and still, nothing.

I need to know what it is like to work for The Red Cross and/or other blood banks. What are their employment titles? What are the job descriptions? Education levels? What are the hours like? Who are the people running blood drives, are they all volunteers? How hard would it be to steal blood? I'm also looking for any sort of little details, so I would be much obliged to anyone with previous volunteer/employment experience. Examples: What does it look and smell like?

Several years back, I met someone in passing who told me they were some sort of buyer or something for The Red Cross. They basically told me that it was their job to make sure that the blood in stock was used before expiration and they would ship it all over to other hospitals and blood banks depending on need. Any ideas about what this occupation might be called/entail?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. This is the only occupation in my novel that I do not have personal experience with and it's really making me uncomfortable. I have actually thought about just visiting a local Red Cross chapter, but this is really last resort because ironically... blood and needles make me vomit and/or faint.

Legal Problems with Immortality
oh noes
 The story takes place in the early naughts in Southern California.

My question is: what would happen, legally speaking, to an immortal character? It's so easy to keep track of people nowadays and she's been using this same name and information for years and years (60, to be exact- she received US citizenship when she was "thirty"), as well as being a small business owner. Wouldn't this be a problem eventually? Would anyone notice that hey, this lady appears to have been taking out loans and paying taxes for an unrealistic number of years? What would authorities think was going on, that this persona is being used for so long- is there a scam that involves this type of thing? I guess I am thinking of social security fraud or something, where a person pretends to be their dead grandma in order to keep picking up checks.

I googled things like "immortality legal problems" as well as trying to find that one vampire book I read ages ago that ACTUALLY ADDRESSES THIS VERY PROBLEM, to no avail (the character in question is not a vampire, fyi).

This does not have to be very detailed. I really just want someone- the IRS, maybe, I don't know- to start poking around, asking irritating questions about finances, and generally making life more difficult for the character.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Vampire syndrome
I'm playing around with a tongue-in-cheek vampire story, and I need a technical, medical-sounding term for being a vampire; something slightly euphemistic, the kind of thing a doctor could tell you that you had without you making the connection between your illness and bat wings, castles and stalking teenage girls.

I was thinking something like Haematophagic Compulsion and Physiology Disorder, but I don't know enough about medical nomenclature. Please could someone with more knowledge in how medical conditions are named help me?

If it helps, my vampires are mainly different in that they are alive rather than undead, and get their condition through genetic inheritance rather than being bitten by other vampires.

Possessed man needs to do something dramatic and distracting

Sounds easy, right?

Roleplaying game in In Nomine--MC is being possessed by a demon that wants to make the jump to another host.  The demon needs to create a distraction with the MC that will prevent the nearby angels from catching it (the demon) before it can get into its next host.  This will take one round of action--not much time--but it has to effectively occupy four player-characters' attention.

MC at the moment is lucid and believes he's still in control.  He's held by the arms by two much stronger guys (PC's) who want him uninjured and not causing trouble.  The demon can take control of the MC's body at any time and is strong enough/insensitive to pain enough to cause injury.  Most believeable is limiting the demon to the MC's voluntary muscles.  MC has no history of epilepsy so I'd like to avoid that.  MC has training in swordsmanship but not in any other martial art..  MC is a sorcerer but with his arms held is very limited in what he can do there, plus I'd like the distraction to continue after the demon has left, which is why I'm favoring a physical injury.

Can a man in that situation dislocate his own shoulder?  That would produce the necessary effect i.e. his pain reaction might be mistaken for demonic shenanigans.  Any other ideas that would work better?

googled:  demonic possession, dp injury, dp physical, dp phys symptoms,  dislocated shoulder.

FYI the game link.  Mods delete the link if it's a problem.

cryptozoology, lycanthropy, hypothermia, and pencils
As this is my first post, I just want to say that I love this comm, and I deeply appreciate all the information I've gained just from reading other people's posts. You guys are awesome.

Now for the questions:

My character is a cryptozoologist searching for a catlike creature identified, based on eyewitness reports, as a mishipezheu. He’s searching a mountainous region in northern Ohio or Pennsylvania. (I realize this is somewhat outside the area where the Ojibwa are located, but the identification is made by him, not the locals. I don’t think it’s too implausible for him to connect a mysterious creature to an Ojibwa legend in an area where they may have lived in the past, is it?)

Is there any special equipment that a cryptozoologist would bring with him? Google got me nothing but common sense items like a camera, pen, and paper, or basic camping/wilderness gear not specific to the job at hand. If it helps, he’s a college professor (of world mythologies, but with a strong background in zoology and ecology) so he’s going to take a more scientific approach to this than the Bigfoot hunting kooks you tend to hear about.

The character is taken by surprise by a snowstorm, and ends up lost and stranded, miles from civilization. Fortunately, he happens to be a werewolf. Unfortunately, the transformation can only occur at night, and is involuntary response to extreme stress, although with concentration he can shift in and out at will. He wrecks his car, is unconscious for a while, wakes up after sundown, panics, and transforms, which leaves his clothing shredded, making it absolutely necessary that he try to reach safety in wolf form (something he finds extremely unpleasant, but better than dying naked in the snow.) How much damage would his clothing actually take? The werewolf is basically a bigger version of a common gray wolf, retaining the same mass as the human form. I know the clothes would be damaged by the transformation, but I’m not sure where or how much tearing would occur.

He packs all the supplies he can into a backpack and sets out, but is not able to get to safety before sunrise. His supplies include his clothes, a space blanket, a lighter, a small knife, three spiral notebooks, and several hundred pencils that he neglected to dump out of the bag. (Other potentially useful items were either damaged in the wreck or not brought along at all. He wasn’t expecting to be there for more than a few hours, and doesn’t have a lot of common sense.)

He holes up in a cave and starts a fire with the pencils. Would this work? Google got me some very interesting videos on constructing makeshift flashlights out of pencil lead and a car battery, but nothing on actually burning pencils. Would the graphite, erasers, or metal bits cause any problems? He could break off the ends and split them open to remove the lead, but I’d rather he not think to do so if possible.

Also, how long would this fire last? Not until sunset, I’m sure, but how long could he wait before going out to collect firewood? (Also, would the graphite glow the way it does with an electrical current?) With his clothes damaged, would he be all right going out for short periods? And if he fell asleep lying next to the fire, and the fire subsequently burned out, how long would it be before he was in danger of freezing to death? Would the snow piling up in front of the cave mouth be enough to keep the residual heat in? He will be found, but I’d like for him to be able to make it until sunset.

Search terms:
Ojibwa; Ojibwa Ohio; northern Ohio mountains
cryptozoology; cryptozoology equipment; zoology field equipment
wolf anatomy; clothing stress
burning pencils; setting pencils on fire; how to set up a campfire
cold weather damaged clothing; hypothermia clothing

The last one got me, which was very helpful but didn't do much to help me nail down the timing, which is my biggest concern.

Thanks so much in advance, and please let me know if there's anything I can do to make a better post.