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questions about hand injury recovery, dead leg, post-rape effects, and complex-PTSD
hajlik a vessző
Hey hey, Lil Details! I gots you another question here:

My character, due to the unfortunate circumstance of having spent a few hours with some truly awful people with a hammer, is now sporting:

1) a broken hand (metacarpals 4 and 5 broken; ring and littel fingers broken at both joints)
2) some kind of quadriceps contusion, and
3) some other injuries that I'm putting under the LJ-cut below. (rape and PTSD related)

I'm in difficulty as to the healing processes. The medicine in this world is limited (see also: pre-industrial europe/early qing dynasty), and so she's not going to have access to modern wonderful things like proper plaster casts &c. A few questions as per this:

1) the hand:

--- a) I have it right now so that the small-town-medic-lady realigns the bones as best she can, then bandages the fingers up against a splint as best she can. This sound about right, or no? (Also, +50 laudanum.) Will there be anything else done or recommended?

--- b) what physical sensation will this have ten days in? three weeks in? (I'm figuring, from my researches, to have it be at least a couple months of healing time.)

--- c) 20 days in, a (basically) army medic guy looks at the hand. will he be horrified at how small-town-medic-lady handled it, or will he be about on her level, or what? if he has suggestions or improvements to make, what might they be?

My researches for this include: "broken hand" "broken hand healing" "broken hand healing process" "broken hand healing two weeks" "hammer break hand" "hammer break finger" "two weeks cast skin" "two weeks plaster cast skin" "skin macerate" "bruising two weeks", and many associated links. Also, experience of both my parents having had hand/wrist breaks at various points.

2) the leg
Note: MC is going to need to be walking lots. She has a week of not-walking, first, but then a long foot-only journey. I've decided it's light enough that she's capable of some hours each day, but with long breaks, getting better over time.

--- d) how much bruising would be left after two weeks?

--- e) physical sensation after two weeks?

--- f) any necessity of army-medic-guy looking at it? (small-town-medic-lady already did, and she said "stay off it". MC was like "uh. can't". STML was like "well okay, on your back it be".)

My researches for this include: "dead leg" "quadriceps contusion" "quadriceps contusion healing time" "quardriceps contusion healing", many associated links, and remembering from HS when my wrestler brother gave me a (very light) dead leg. Thanks, bro, love you too.

The rest of my questions are going to be under an LJ cut because they are of the sort that need cuts and warnings.

trigger warning - question about post-rape effects and complex-ptsdCollapse )

As ever, thanks in advance, Little Details - you kids are absolutely fantastic with your helps, and I appreciate anythign at all you guys can help me with.

(apologies if anywhere here I come across as flippant or irreverent - I don't mean harm or offense to anyone with any of this, and if I've said anything of the sort, lemme know.)

[ANON POST] Waterboarding Someone With Asthma
Setting: Near-future dystopic London with more or less contemporary levels of technology

Research: Lots and lots of gruesome first-person descriptions of waterboarding, "waterboarding + asthma"

I feel like a terrible person for torturing characters thus, but: What exactly would happen to an asthmatic during waterboarding? Is it likely to trigger an attack or be fatal? If it makes a difference, the torturers are aware of the victim's condition and are not actively trying to kill him.

bronchitis or pneumonia?
Beka sun flare [Drom default]
so i'm writing a fanfic where a character is kidnapped and tortured to a degree.

potentially triggering material under cutCollapse )

How to attach skull implants.
Cut for disturbing torture and surgery-related imagery.Collapse )

EDIT: I'm specifically not talking about subdermal implants; these are meant to be attached to the skull itself and poke straight through the skin. Here is a picture of what I mean, which is incredibly bloody so be careful:

Recovering from facial lacerations
So, my story takes place in a yet to be determined modern American city, and basically the main character ends up with a cut starting at the corner of his mouth and going about 2 inches across his cheek. It's done with a box-cutter in unhygienic conditions, and it will be several hours before he can get treatment for it. (Maybe longer? I'm not sure if that would be plausible or not) Since the only medical care he has access to is a kind of shady mob doctor, it's going to scar up pretty nasty.

I've already found some resources on how to patch him back up, but I can't find any information about the healing process. How long will it be till he can do much talking? Would it be likely that he would have a slight speech impediment? Would he have to go on a liquid diet, and for how long? Also, how long would the stitches need to stay in for?
I've had some luck googling facial oral lacerations, and I've also tried searching for things related to Glasgow/Chelsea smile/grins.

Thanks in advance!

Electrocardiography in the 1940s
Asami, Viewfinder, Akihito
I've wiki-ed this, and I've read what I could find regarding electrocardiography's history on:

I think the problem doesn't lie in those sites, it probably lies in me. There were some rather technical terms here, and I think I didn't understand half of it, and I wasn't able to competently visualize how the ECG works in the 1940s.

In the piece I'm currently working on, there's a scene set in the 1940s, soviet Russia. It's also an urban fantasy, so there's an alternate history  that ties in with our own version. Basically, the protagonist is a Fox-shifter, immortal, and he's being tortured at the cruel mercy of a fellow Fox. Right now, they're trying to break his will, trying to get him to co-operate, and in my mind he's hooked onto an ECG that monitors his heart rate, so that they can tell if he's lying, or if he's feeling any particularly strong emotion. So that they can use whatever he feels strongly about against him.

In my mind, the ECG works like the version we have today, with the electronic graph and the little beeps. I belatedly realized that the version back then should be different from what we have now. I've read up that there used to be the soaking of limbs into saline solution, but was it still so in the 1940s?

A huge thank you in advance for help rendered!

Humiliating Torture
Hello, I have another question for a story I'm writing, since I got a lot of help last time I asked.

I did a lot of researches about the title "above" such as (Humiliation torture, Humiliation in prisons, Humiliations in abduction, and similar things) but, unfortunately, I couldn't find what I exactly need.

I have a male character who get's abducted by a gang related to his "old enemy". He is a very single-minded man, very confident of his decisions, and a very... very control-freak, so his enemy wants to break his strong personality & self-confidence by torturing him for days before releasing him so that, after the whole abduction thing, he changes, he becomes less-confident, hesitent, and unable to call the decisions like before.

My question is: What type of torture that should be a mix of "physical & mental" that can have such effect on my character. I need it to be both because "his enemy wants to take his revenge from his body as long as his mind".
P.S. I don't want it to be a sexual abuse, for many reasons, the most important one of them is that doesn't fit my storyline.

I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you

Returning to society after imprisonment
Sokka looking proud
Setting is non-real-world, but sort of resembles a normal city. Sort of. A character was held captive for a long period of time and subjected to psychological abuse and gaslighting, among other things.

It's my understanding that after something like that, the character would have trouble readjusting to normal life. I was able to find basic descriptions of what kind of difficulties the character would have (although more information would still be welcome). However, I couldn't find any information about what the best response is. The character has a best friend who, long story short, spent a couple of years as an unwilling guinea pig and so would probably know what to do from personal experience. If the best friend were to do the best thing possible, what would that best thing be? Is there anything that can be done to help or would it be better to leave him alone?

I Googled the following terms, all without quotes:
Institutional syndrome
Post Incarceration Syndrome
PICS treatment
Post-Incarceration Syndrome treatment (I also looked at the scholarly articles Google suggested for this one)
Dr. Ewen Cameron
Psych survivor

Additionally, I thought remembered seeing some relevant writing from Amanda Baggs, so I looked through the relevant tags (abuse, abuse of power, institutions, communication, power) on her blog, but didn't find it, so I looked through her posts on WrongPlanet. I did find the post (and several other threads that were somewhat helpful), but it turned out not to actually answer my question.

[ANON POST] Survival and recovery after partial flaying
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Brief description of torture, and several questions.Collapse )

[ANON POST] Loss of taste from forced chemical exposure?
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Questions about Renaissance torture and consummation of a marriage
Millais Ophelia
The setting is a somewhat fictionalized Renaissance Italy, within the general time frame of the last decade of the 15th century. My MC is an aristocratic man in his early 20s, previously able-bodied, though he has some hereditary emotional instability.

Cut for talk and descriptions of torture, psychological trauma, and sex.Collapse )

Speech impediments with a Glasgow grin
dapper reuniclus
I've got a character who was kidnapped as a child and disfigured with a very nasty Glasgow grin. He escaped when he was about 16, and pretty much had it re-carved every time he had a noticeable growth spurt. I'm wondering what kind of effect this would have on his speech, since he's practically missing both of his cheeks (but his lips are in-tact; drawing after cut). For some reason when trying to think this out I'm imaging that he'd have trouble making 'w' and 'o' sounds, among others, but that's more from just miming words with my mouth and seeing what kinds of sounds need cheek puffing/exhaling/what have you.

I've looked through the torture tag and a couple medicine ones and came up with nothing.

Not sure on the setting, really, maybe 1980's France? He's rather contemporary.

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Dislocation of shoulders in torture
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While the following isn't too graphic, cutting because of talk of tortureCollapse )

Psychological response to torture
she's dead jim
I have a psychology/brain trauma question regarding a response to torture. Therefore, warnings for torture, but no explicit descriptions.

I recently read a fanfic which has sparked a plot bunny, but I'm not sure if it's possible. The fanfic had a military working dog that was turned into a human (through an unexplained supernatural force). When he is found in Afghanistan as a human, people assume he is a soldier who was tortured into this state. The author describes:

"He couldn't speak or walk. He pawed at his ears and nose, even though there was no visible injury. He had the motor skills of a toddler: poor hand-eye coordination, difficulty with grasping objects, and a lack of the most rudimentary dexterity. He didn't know how to eat with utensils or wash himself, or do any of a myriad of simple human tasks.

His doctors hypothesized that he had been captured and tortured into a primitive, feral state.

Would this be at all possible, for a human who was tortured to regress to this point? I did some google and scientific journal searching and flipped through a few psychology textbooks, but didn't find anything this extreme. Also, if he experienced head trauma following the torture, would that cause this? I would really appreciate any input on the possibility of this scenario or what it might be called so I can research further (or even knowing if it's completely impossible so I can give up now ;) ).

The Treatment of Removed Teeth
Okay, I have searched forcefully removed teeth, half teeth missing, knocked out teeth treatment and various variations of the words and phrasing, as well as other things I can't remember and I can't find answers to these problems.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out how a man who has had half his teeth pulled out against his will would be treated.

Now, the circumstances... I'm going to put these under a cut, since they might be a little gross and wince inducing.

For details, clicky.Collapse )

Public electrical torture.
 One of my characters is going to be strapped to a table on a stage in front of a crowd to be publicly tortured by electric shocks. This is not an atypical situation - this method is used to punish wrongdoers in this society, which is modern but slightly twisted. Orwellian state, and all that. 

I've looked at the effects of tasers and stun belts and I was wondering if you could have an electrical whip? The thing is, it needs to be relatively safe while still causing a lot of pain. My character is going to be shocked about twenty times, and he can't die from heart failure or anything like that. He's healthy and young, only sixteen/seventeen. So would the best method be using a prod or whip, or transmitting the shocks through the frame of the table itself? This procedure has to technically be okay for use on all ages, but usually there would be far fewer shocks involved, so he's being excessively tortured here.

And afterwards - would he suffer any permanent muscle damage due to the contractions? In my head, I imagine him having mild convulsions for some time afterwards, but I don't know if that would be accurate or not. If he was being shocked by a prod or whip, would that leave marks? I don't want him to have broken bones as a result of this either.

whipping/flogging as corporal punishment - how to stage realistically?
I'm working on a story in which one character (Character A) is compelled to physically discipline another (Character B), using some sort of flogger or whip. The characters in question are two able-bodied men in their late twenties / early thirties. They're both physically fit and approximately the same height.

Cut for mild descriptions of violence.Collapse )

ETA: Sorry, I forgot to include the setting. This is science fiction, set in the future on another world. So, in terms of weapons, I'm not limited by what exists currently or what existed in the past.

Severely damaged hands and feet, recovery
Sheryl Nome
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Treatment for, recovery from, and possible aftereffects of various injuries
Setting: modern day
Location: Scandinavia (story may be set in more than one of the countries, so I can’t really specify more than this.)

Basic rundown, in this story, my main character is kidnapped and kept prisoner for a month. The villains want to punish him for something that wasn't even really his fault. For the first couple weeks, they pretty much just use various psychological torture methods on him, and he is mostly uninjured for these weeks.

However, after the first couple weeks, they realize that the worst thing they can do him is to give him some kind of disabling injury, so that he would be forced to rely on other people. With that in mind, they begin more physical torture.

I know most of the injuries he would have suffered, but I need some information about the treatment he would need for the injuries, and how long he might be kept in the hospital. In the research I've done, I've found a lot about the individual injuries, but I'm having trouble putting it all together for the multiple injuries, and I wasn't sure how to search for that. I am going to put the rest of this behind a cut, because of the length, and possibly the subject matter.
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ANON POST: Sewing eyelids shut as a means of torture?
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