How would a character see out of an eye with two separate pupils in it?

Hi! I've got a character with pupula duplex in one eye, which isn't actually real, but whatever. I'm trying to figure out how he would see out of that eye, which I assume would be very badly due to light coming in from two separate pupils. He keeps it covered with hair or an eyepatch so it doesn't disorient him or freak other people out. The only thing remotely similar that I've found is when people are born with strands of iris that essentially go over the pupil, but it doesn't actually effect vision in those cases.
All I've found when I've googled it was essentially 'oh it's not a real thing', nothing that actually helped. I know absolutely nothing about eye anatomy myself so I can't make any guesses.

Edit: Thanks for the help, guys!

Effect of being kicked in the private parts for a guy

I've already done some research about that and read scientific articles and such, but I have kind of a more "practical" question. My character gets kicked in his "privates" at his wedding by the maid of honor (he was trying to seduce her. Yeah, not his finest moment). At that time, he was aroused. She kicks him in the testicles, and leaves him alone. So yeah, he cries in pain etc., but that's not what I'm interested in. Am I right in assuming he would have some difficulties "performing" on his upcoming wedding night? This is happening at 5pm, and let's say the wedding night would probably begin around 3am.
Thanks for all input! I found lots of answers about sport injuries, and the fact that men have to "take it easy" for a few days (I guess with the sport), but nothing about a man being kicked in his private parts when aroused.
I did find some stuff on a forum about men saying they love being slapped very hard there during love-making, but I don't know if that is really something because there also was a lot of trolling involved on said forum.
Thanks :)

[Anon Post] Food / Consumer Goods Prices in West Germany in 1980

Hello, Little Details admin and contributors! Could you please help me verify some facts?

My story takes place in 1980 in West Germany, in the Cologne-Dusseldorf area. My characters (middle-class, in their early 30s) are shopping in a department store or a supermarket. What I'd like to know:

(1) Prices of food, in particular chocolate, milk and ice cream. (I found that chocolate was about 1 DM per 100 gr bar but I couldn't find exact prices for milk and ice cream for those years).

(2) Prices of consumer goods from home electronics and toys sections, in particular: children's musical instruments like the xylophone and stationery like calculators and day planners.

(3) How large a typical department store/supermarket would be in thouse days? From what I've read it was around 1, 500-5,000 square metres.

I've searched in English, German and Russian (my native language) with terms like "price of milk in Germany 1980", "Milchpreis 1980". Fact-checking websites such as and (Federal Statistical Office of Germany) as well as some forum commentaries and articles provided some useful information but not everything I needed.

So, I'd be really grateful if German members of the community could clarify these details for me.

Thanks a lot,


when did telephones in pubs become common

Setting: rural England, first or second world war

My story revolves around a telephone call made from a country pub. I'd like for it to be set during WWI, but I can't figure out if it would be plausible for a pub circa 1916-1917 to have a telephone!

My main character goes to the pub because it's the only semi-private place he can make a phone call in the village. I feel like if I set it during WWII, it would be more plausible that the pub would have a telephone, but perhaps less plausible that the boarding house where he lives wouldn't have one. Thoughts?

I've read various articles on the history of the telephone in Britain, but I've been having trouble finding information about telephones in private businesses, plus I don't know how long it would have taken for telephones to trickle out to rural communities.

Ice skating in high school

Hi !

I have some questions about high schoolers doing ice skating.

Setting : modern day Japan.

I would like to know what would be the level of someone who's been skating two or three times a week for aproximately 7 to 10 years. The guy is 15 now. He's supposed to be very talented. What kind of figures can he do ?
I've read a lot about figures but nowhere do they tell at what level someone is capable of doing them, except for the toe loop jump where I read that the triple and quadruple is only performed by international level skaters.
If you have any advice, I'm all ears !

Another question about music : is it possible to use a medley and not only one track during a performance ? I've read the rules of a competition and there was the time limit but they didn't say about this, so I figure it's okay but I'd like to make sure.

Thanks for the help !

[Mod Post] Icon Contest Voting!

The icon contest is over and thank you so much to dfotw, irreparable, and kitrinlu for contributing your time and your talents! I have picked my favorites from each of your submissions (apparently I was really looking for a magnifying glass theme and didn't even know it), and I'm going to let the community vote on which should be our new default icon.

A poll will appear below the three choices. Unfortunately, anonymous users cannot participate in LJ polls, so if you want to vote, please consider making an account. I will close the voting after around 24 hr (so around 0730 PST, April 2, 2016).

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Becoming a professional singer as an adult

Setting: modern-day USA.

My protagonist planned to be a professional singer (classical/opera) throughout her childhood and adolescence. She was considered extremely talented and was enrolled in a prestigious music school. At age 19, after a personal tragedy, she decided to give up singing and play the violin instead.

Fast-forward ten years: she's 29, a professional violinist, has a job as first violinist / concertmaster for a major symphony orchestra. Then, for personal reasons, she decides to try singing again. She has not sung at all in the intervening time.

I've done enough googling to feel that it's within the realm of possibility that she could develop her voice well enough to build a singing career at this age (I mostly googled "become a professional singer as an adult" and similar phrases) and I'm willing to stretch the bounds of plausibility somewhat. But specifically I'm trying to figure out:

a. How long would it take for my character to get her voice into professional performance condition?
b. Is it feasible that she could do so while continuing to hold down her job as a professional violinist?

With regard to "a," none of the sites I've looked at about vocal coaching / learning to sing, etc., are willing to make any definitive statements on how long it takes to develop a singing voice and build a career. I understand that, of course; I'm sure it varies a lot and depends on lots of different factors. But I need some kind of time frame - it doesn't have to be very specific, more of a range. Six months, a year, five years...?? My character does have advantages over someone starting "from scratch" as an adult - presumably she has muscle memory, remembers the basics of breath control and vocal technique, etc., plus of course she knows all the music theory that she would need. But I presume it will still take her some amount of time to re-develop the appropriate muscles and so forth.

As for "b," I wasn't able to get anywhere with searches like "being a professional singer and violinist" or "professional singer and instrumentalist" or even "playing two instruments professionally." I guess it's an unusual enough situation that no one does this kind of thing? I gather there are people who play, for example, the flute and piccolo, or the alto and bass clarinet, i.e. instruments that are very similar. But I couldn't find any info on playing an instrument and singing professionally.

So I did some searching/reading about schedules and time commitment. I gather that professional violinists practice around 1-4 hours per day, and singers are advised not to practice much more than 1-2 hours per day at risk of damaging the voice. So, just in terms of the amount of time needed per day, it seems like this should be possible. But I'm sure that isn't the only consideration.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

[ANON POST] Annecy, An Airplane Crash, and Lingering Effects

Setting: Annecy and Corsica, France, August 2008
Background: A family of five take a vacation to Corsica. Halfway, the plane crashes, killing the parents and leaving the three children scarred.

Brace yourselves, for this is a bit broad and long…

1. Is it possible to camp around Lake Annecy? As far as I know, there are resorts around the area, but what I want is a place where it is possible to catch the Perseid meteor showers overnight.

2. Would it be logical for a family from Annecy choosing to enter Geneva to catch a flight to Ajaccio, Corsica? The Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport near doesn’t seem to fly straight to Corsica (apparently they only serve weekly scheduled flights to Paris and the UK), and if not Geneva, where else would it be plausible?

3. If the air crash occurred somewhere some fifty kilometers northwest off the coast of Corsica, would the hospitals in Corsica be well-equipped enough to deal with the disaster, or would they have to be sent elsewhere, like Marseilles or Nice? And which hospitals would be well-equipped enough to deal with such a disaster?

4. What kind of psychiatric care would French hospitals offer for survivors of airplane crashes? (Think PTSD) How long would it be before therapy starts if the victims are conscious and suffer no major injuries?

5. Also, French inheritance law puts the children first when it comes to inheriting the estates of their parents. In this case, the three surviving children would inherit ¾ of their parents’ estates, along with the house in Annecy, with the remaining ¼ being freely disposable (i.e. passed on to others according to the parents’ wishes). However, their parents also specifically mentioned in their will to have them sent to Paris, under the care of their grandmother. If there is no relative living nearby to take care of the house, what would happen to it? (Their grandmother is specifically stated to be their personal guardian and property manager.)

Terms searched: Lake Annecy camping, Lake Annecy resorts, Annecy to Corsica, Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport, Geneva Airport, Geneva to Corsica, Lyon to Corsica, How to survive a plane crash at sea, Hospitals in Corsica, Hospitals in Ajaccio, Orsec plan, Orsan plan, French red plan, French white plan, psychiatric care in French hospitals, PTSD treatment, PTSD group therapy, French inheritance law.

I’m not French, and I don’t speak the language, so it’s a little frustrating to use Google Translate on an entire website and glean almost zero information from it. Any resources and answers are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Removing a knife from a stab wound safely

Setting: Hell's Kitchen, New York City, present-day.
Research: Googled 'Removing knife from a wound' and checked the archives here. Unfortunately, all of the first aid, while helpful, states something along the lines of "Do not try to remove the knife yourself; let a medic do it."

Character A shows up on Character B's doorstep, bleeding from multiple injuries and has a knife impaled in his forearm. He refuses to let B call 911, but instead tells her to call C, a nurse who usually patches him up. (Not really trying to hide the fandom here, lol.)

1) How does C get the knife out of the wound safely? Or as safely as possible, since getting A to a hospital is out of the question. And what are emergency first aid steps leading up to, and after the removal?
2) The knife has missed the main arteries, though I'm not sure if this is something C will be able to tell, just from looking at the knife in the wound. Is there any way that she can know, short of taking out the knife and hoping that nothing spurts?

(C has been giving B info on how to look after the other injuries as far as 'pressure, no tourniquet' and other info I've gotten off of Google. It's specifically removing the knife that has me stumped.)

Tearing an artery barehanded


I’m writing a fight scene in which the protagonist, after wounding —but not killing— an enemy in the neck with a sharp stick, comes to a close position to him, put his fingers inside the wound a tear an artery with his nails.

I read several articles about this topic (with the keywords rip, tear, throat, wound, nails, barehand), and is always a no. But the question is: can be possible IF there is a previous wound in the neck?

Thanks in advance; and please excuse my poor English.

Best regards,