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Lethal knife wounds
Setting: Early 1800's secondary world
Search terms: lethal stab wound, fatal stab wound, lethal knife wound

I need an injury made to order. A character gets into a fight and is stabbed several times with a knife. His wounds need to be lethal, but not immediately so. The character needs to be able to launch a feeble last ditch attack and remain lucid enough to talk for another two to three minutes. If it matters, the knife he's being stabbed with is similar to this one. I need to know what areas of the body will deliver what I'm looking for and what organs are likely to be hit in the attack.

[ANON POST] Injuries Occurring by Accident in an Unequal Struggle
Setting: Cornwall, 1905. Slight AU (transport technology has been affected by the handwavium used in Rudyard Kipling's sci-fi story 'With the Night Mail', if this is relevant).

Situation: Character A is a big tough fellow who knows his way around a scrap (his principal forms of recreation are boxing and creative troublemaking); character B is a young woman half his size who's never been in a fight before. B has just come across evidence of something that will get A into serious legal trouble if it comes out, and A, desperate, is about to crown his recent string of bad decisions by abducting B, to keep her from telling while he works out what to do next. This will involve getting her into a vehicle that's about thirty yards away up a cliffside path (AU-ness here; the vehicle's nothing that would have existed in 1905, but for present purposes it's similar to a van - automated and with an enclosed compartment where a person can be shut in).

A doesn't want to hurt B at all (he's by no means a hardened criminal, he rather likes her, and he's trying to quash his qualms about the use of force by drawing a clear mental distinction between simple force and violence). B doesn't know this; it's plausible from her perspective that A may intend to murder her, and she'll fight as hard as she can to get away.

I want B to sustain an injury or injuries, not horrible or potentially life-threatening (so no falling down and cracking her head on a rock), that will nonetheless hamper her movements, render her escape a few days after this more difficult and unpleasant, and make A feel very guilty (and therefore even more trapped in his current course of action - part of the story is about him, a man of decent-to-middling character, doing increasingly bad things for reasons which always seem compelling at the time).
I've tried to work out various ways in which this might happen, but I'm not sure how realistic any of them are.

Questions for people who know more about fighting than I do:

- If they trip and fall with him on top - facing uphill, so they wouldn't fall as far as they would on horizontal ground - could this be enough to crack any of B's ribs, if she's about eight stone and he's about fourteen? Is it even likely that they'd both go down? (Big-brother-wrestling experience on my part suggests that it's very hard to trip a large, athletic person who doesn't want to be tripped.) I can make the ground bare rock, soft turf, or anything in between that will help produce the desired result.

- If he twists one of her arms behind her back to make her move, the way bouncers do, is it likely that her shoulder could dislocate, given that he's trying to avoid anything of the sort? He's used to manhandling people, but none of said people have previously been so small or fragile or panicky, so is this a reasonable misjudgement?

- I'm told by smug martial-arty types that someone as inexperienced as B could sprain her own wrist or break her hand by punching him. Would this only happen if she hit the skull? Is is possible to break one's hand on someone's ribs? Ribcages seem to have a lot more give in them than heads. What about when striking back at someone holding her from behind, rather than punching forward?

- Can anyone suggest other useful injuries and how they might happen?

Research: Googled 'judo injuries', 'wrestling injuries', 'common brawling injuries' and variations thereon; the trouble is that the former involve contests between people of roughly equal size and skill, and the latter involves deliberate damage. Read several illustrated women's self-defence books for ideas, but they all seem vastly optimistic about the hypothetical woman's chances, and anyway, I want A to win. Wrestled with brother, but he was alarmingly enthusiastic about hurting me for the sake of verisimilitude, so stopped before any bits of me actually got broken.

Sorry for the anonymous post; I don't have an LJ account. I'd be grateful for any advice.

American Civilian Decorations for Heroism
marcus 2013
This is probably a stupidly obvious question for American readers, but I'm British and I'm not having much luck finding an answer.

For the purposes of my story various characters are in present-day New York during an alien attack, and are seen to act heroically either by saving lives, e.g. by rescuing someone from a collapsing building, giving first aid under fire, etc. or by fighting the aliens. My question - if the US government later wants to reward their heroism with some sort of medal or award, what would it be?

I can find this out for the police, armed forces, etc. easily enough, but all other civilian awards I've found seem to be for heroism in government or police service, in lifesaving (at sea), for civilian contractors in war zones, etc. etc. I can't seem to find anything that is for civilians who aren't government employees etc. or otherwise on duty, but just happen to be heroic when the circumstances demand it.

In the UK this wouldn't be difficult - the Queen can award e.g. an OBE, CBE, knighthood, etc. for any reason, and there are awards for heroism such as the George Cross, the highest British medal after the Victoria Cross, which are specifically intended for this sort of situation. But I'm drawing a blank on American equivalents.

searches tried: civilian awards for bravery usa, Awards and Decorations, American medals, etc.

update: It looks like a New York City Bronze Medallion seems the most likely award for civilians:

or possibly the Presidential Citizens Medal

ICC tribunals
goddamned watchmen by sandoz-iscariot
Setting: The ICC at the Hague, near-future with somewhat more advanced technology, but nothing that would render the scenario radically different than it would be if it were happening in the present, and allowing for a certain dramatic license with regards to what tends to be fairly dry legal proceedings

Research so far: Mainly the ICC's own site, and I've managed to find live streams of proceedings (goldmine!). Plus my own hazy recollections of Slobodan Milošević's trial, which is probably the closest real-world analogue to my scenario.

The background of the story is a tribunal at the Hague where a recently deposed dictator is on trial for crimes against humanity. The situation back home is somewhat stable—the rebels who overthrew him after a civil war are currently running the country and have restored democracy, but the former regime managed to make such a mess of things that everyone is still struggling to rebuild its institutions, thus the case has been referred to the ICC.

The main character is the prosecutor's star witness, who was present at two of the most well-documented violations (torture of political prisoners and the bombing of civilian targets). It's public knowledge that he was no angel either before the war and he has a criminal record, but this tends to be overlooked because he's now a national hero. What's less well-known is some of the nastier things he did during the war. The defence team's main strategy is to paint him and his movement as terrorists, justifying some of the more heavy-handed measures taken while the dictator was in power.

So, my questions! I'm still in the preliminary phase of planning this thing, so apologies in advance if they're vague.

1) For dramatic impact, the MC and other witnesses would have to travel to the Hague to testify in person (though I understand that strictly speaking, it might not be necessary). Is it likely that a group of them would arrive at the same time, assuming that they shared the same legal counsel, or would they just be showing up on the day or days they needed to testify?

2) Related to the above, where is everyone staying? Do they get put up in a hotel nearby? The MC has an old friend who lives there—can he be wandering around, sans security detail, and staying with his friend when there's a break in proceedings?

3) Would he be allowed to have informal contact with the accused's counsel? As in, if he runs into her accidentally, can they talk or would that look like one or both of them was trying to interfere with the trial?

4) Ultimately, the trial goes pear-shaped, and another character, who is back home and watching the proceedings, decides to take matters into his own hands and assassinate the ex-dictator. His plan is going to fail, but how feasibly close can he get?

Thanks in advance!

Arms and Armaments (sorry ...)
Firstly, apologies for the dreadful pun. It's my first post, please don't hate me!

Present day (sort of), UK. Or perhaps "alternative near-future" would be more accurate.

1) Arms
One of my characters is a veteran of operations in Iraq / Afghanistan. He's a senior NCO in his late 30s or early 40s - former regular, now recalled to full-time service as a result of the "alternative" bit of the setting. Is it possible for him to serve with a hi-tech prosthesis to the right arm, severed at / below the elbow? He's naturally right handed, so he's had to re-adapt his life so that he's now effectively left handed (and therefore cross-lateral). Having seen various adaptive prosthetics during paralympics, I suspect a modification to his right "hand" so that he can hold a rifle with a pistol grip, for example, should be relatively straightforward. However, would the adapted drills he'd need to use for cocking, clearing his weapon mean he wouldn't pass the various skills tests he'd need to do? He is no longer in an infantry unit (though that doesn't mean very much in this context, because of the "alternative" thing), but his experience is invaluable in his "support" function. For clarity, weapons most likely to be L85A2 with front grip and SIG Sauer pistol.
Search Terms: "arm amputee soldier British" and similar. Lots of good stuff about former soldiers, but I don't see any about those still in service.

2) Armaments
I am familiar with the use of adaptors etc when firing blank rounds from automatic / semi-automatic weapons, and the physical difference between unfired live and blank rounds, but it's many years since I have seen an expended blank round. Is there a difference between a fired blank cartridge case and fired live one? Would it be easy enough for any military person to tell the difference, or can it only been seen by (say) a trained armourer or ballistics forensic scientist?
Search Terms: "blank spent rounds" and similar. Most seem to return only the difference between unfired ball and blank rounds.

Thanks in anticipation

Excessive force and legal consequences
Setting: Somewhere near Washington DC. Modern time or near future.
Tried search terms: Excessive force, overkill, extenuating circumstances, FBI Internal Affairs, criminal trial, criminal process, self-defense.

Hi peeps, I was hoping someone could help me figure out a part of a plot that I've been struggling with.

The plot involves a character who works as some form of support staff/consultant/informant for the FBI (not a special agent). He works in a completely fictional and recently-created response team within the FBI that investigates an increasing amount of experimental medical drugs being distributed through tainted illegal drugs. The character gets kidnapped by a gang leader who has been suspected of breaking into research facilities and stealing experimental drugs and selling them on. The SSA of the team knows of the gang leader's involvement, but has kept it a secret from the character, since the character in question has very traumatic memories of said gang leader killing his mum and abducting him as a child (something that was for various reasons never in any official records). The character suffers from mental illness related to this and the SSA keeps him in the dark about the situation to protect him.

Cut for some description of violenceCollapse )

I can't figure out how this would realistically be investigated. Law enforcement knows he was kidnapped and had a threat to his life and the gang members' deaths will be ruled as self-defence, but I don't know how the FBI or the police would respond to the overkill of the gang leader. Would that be investigated by Internal Affairs or would he have to go through a criminal trial? If it's IA, would the investigation be in any way similar to a criminal trial? If it's a criminal trial, what would happen if he admitted to killing the gang leader and using excessive force but argues it was extenuating circumstances at the hearing? Remember that there's no official records proving that the gang leader had killed the character's mum and abducted him as a child, although I have planned for evidence of this to come to light later on during the investigation.

I like the drama of a criminal trial, but in real life they seem to take so much time and I would like to wrap up the story-line within less than a year from the kidnapping. I have tried to read up on the FBI and the US justice system, but it's not easy since I have spent less than a month in total in the US in my entire life and never in Washington DC. I'm open to bending the rules a little bit or changing parts of the story, but I'd like it to seem at least a bit realistic. Any help is appreciated!!

Sex in Pregnancy from a Male Perspective
My character, a cis-male in his 50s, has very happy memories of sexual intimacy with his former partner during her pregnancies.  I want to give him some very specific intimate details to recall about how he experienced the changes to her body - not just the more obvious changes of size, or position, or mood but scent, colour, touch, temperature, taste, lubrication...

I've googled several variations on the subject, and the results are 99% reassurance and safety tips, which are useful, and the rest are fetish sites, which are interesting enough, but hard work to trawl through trying to sort reality from fantasy.

Can anyone help with first hand accounts?

EDITED TO ADD: Setting - Western Europe, present day.
(Also, although I am writing about is a very positive experience from this character's perspective, I would also be interested to hear of more ambiguous or negative reactions.)

Hip injury and prosthetic hip
legs, car, fuck gender roles
Situation: A mid-20's British soldier in excellent physical condition gets caught in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2002, leaving him with a partly fractured hip and a lot of superficial damage across his hip and side (ending up in scars). The fracture isn't that bad so the doctors decide on a hip resurfacing (metal-on-metal) rather than a full hip replacement. After his recovery period our soldier returns to active service for two years, after which he turns to a life of crime - including the odd physical fight every now and then. He has the occasional little ache but nothing serious. About fifteen years after the explosion he suddenly starts getting serious trouble with his hip. Turns out the implant has run its course/there is some kind of other problem and they need to replace the partial prosthetic/need to go for a full replacement hip.


  • Would doctors choose to do a resurfacing, and would he still be able to/be allowed to continue in active service with a resurfaced hip in the first place?

  • What's the most likely problem with his hip after fifteen years? How would it manifest? (simply general pain or something more specific?)

  • What's the most likely scenario after fifteen years: a partial/resurfacing revision operation or replacing the entire hip?

  • How long would his recovery process be after the second operation? And would he be able to be as physically active as he was before?

researched:  Read through both the hip replacement and hip resurfacing wikipedia articles, googled "hip resurfacing" and "hip replacement" and checked various health websites and nhs-info. Most of the info tended to focus on elderly people, though. Googled blast injuries as well.

Night shift at a coffee shop
My character is working a late night shift at a coffee shop open around the clock, in an urban fantasy setting most comparable to present-day central Europe (though US or Canada info would also be extremely helpful). The coffee shop is not downtown, but is located in a fairly central location close to the university, and many students live in the vicinity.

  • How long would night shifts for a barista probably be, and at what time might they begin and end?

  • Is it reasonable to have two people working the night shift? (I would like there to be, so if there are any circumstances that would make this more plausible, that would be very helpful to know. *g*)

  • Is there likely to be a "dead" time of night when hardly anyone comes in? When would this most likely be (I'm guessing maybe 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. on weekdays)?

  • How often are muffins and other fresh baked goods replaced, if they aren't sold? So far I'm assuming that they will be replaced in the early morning (at the end of the night shift) every day or every other day, but this is pure conjecture on my part.

  • What usually happens to the unsold baked goods - is it unusual for employees to be allowed to take them free of charge, if they want?

Combinations of night shift barista, 24-hour / late night coffee shop / café with various other terms...

Anything you can tell me will help! Thank you very much. :-)

Male Prostitution in 1800 Japan.
Back again despite having just asked questions for another project a few days ago. I hit writer's block on that so I figured I'd work on another thing. Ironically, I needed help with that as well.

Scenario: A male character was born to a prostitute in the Yoshiwara District and later is sent to a male brothel to work. The work takes place when he's in his mid-twenties between 1800-1803.

Questions: What would every day life be for him? How much would a pretty male youth go for? What would be the layout of a brothel there be like? What would he wear? I read that crossdressing was fairly common for males so would this be a thing?

Googled: Male prostitutes in 1800's Yoshiwara, Male prostitutes in 1800's Japan, Male brothels Yoshiwara distract.

Other notes: I know there's a few books that would come in handy but I have no way of getting them, and when I tried do download one of them, I got a virus so that's sort of out of the question. I've also read a few articles on Wikipedia and other sites, but none of them really cover the time frame I need.

Medical Treatment After Diving Into Heavily-Polluted River?
Fluffy Vulcan
Googled: Swimming in polluted water. Health hazards, polluted water. Unfortunately, I don't have the expertise to determine the danger of short-term acute exposure versus long-term continued exposure and most of the links had to do with water pollution in Third-World countries.

X-Posted to fanfic_med, but thus far, no responses.

Present-Day. My character is on the run. Faced with a choice between being taken and hurling himself into New York's East River, he jumps off of Pier 41. It's December. He's wearing a down winter coat.

He's not in the water for more than two minutes, but he will be out in the cold winter air for about 20 minutes before he gets to a hospital. (It's a Marvel Comics fic. Spidey is going to swoop in, pull him out of the drink, and websling his way to a hospital, but meanwhile, the character will be in the open air.) Once he gets there, what sort of medical tests/procedures/treatment will he receive? What are they treating him for? (I'm guessing hypothermia, shock, and/or exposure to start with, but since the East River isn't exactly sanitary, I'm not sure what else.) Also, assuming he's seen immediately, how long will it take to assess and treat his condition(s) and how long would they generally keep him there? Assume excellent medical insurance.

a sweatshop disguised as a highly automated factory
(Setting: AU resembling the contemporary northeastern USA)

I have a story idea involving an entrepreneur who tries to pull off the following scam:

Because of [HANDWAVIUM], he is able to smuggle undocumented workers to a certain economically depressed area. He comes up with a scheme to build a factory (or renovate an abandoned one), tout it as a high-tech super-automated factory that will help revitalize the local economy, etc. etc., and then, instead of installing robots, he sets up an old-fashioned sweatshop.

(Perhaps the workers in this sweatshop are more skilled than the undocumented immigrants who sneak into the country through more conventional means, and therefore this sweatshop is more profitable than more conventional illegal enterprises.)

Mulling over this idea, though, I feel like it has a coherency problem. Illegal sweatshops work best when they are secret or at least inconspicuous: there is one building among many in a crowded city, and clients bring it work assignments (“get me five hundred XL T-shirts by Wednesday”) without associating their names with the company or inquiring too deeply into what happens there. But if this entrepreneur is boasting about the cover story for what he’s doing, wouldn’t that invite scrutiny?

ETA per moderator request: So I am interested in knowing, from people who understand better than I do how this kind of business works, how those two aspects of the story can be reconciled.

And once I figure out how the entrepreneur pulls off his scheme, of course, I need to figure out how Our Heroes see through his cover. (My first thought was that someone might notice that the ostensible factory doesn’t have enough power going into it to support as much industrial equipment as it claims to have.)

[ANON POST] Teenage Boy Losing Virginity
Hello, I have somewhat of a personal question, similar to the post here on what it feels like for a girl virgin. I'm interested in the opposite. :)

Setting: San Francisco, circa 2000. 17 year old male has his first time with a 20 year old pretty experienced female. She comes on to him, if that makes a difference. He's not totally clueless, but obviously first time is a first time.

I'd like some perspectives on what men think/feel/do/whatever the first time and also from any women who've had sex with a male virgin while they themselves are not virgins. I have no personal experience with either, so thus my research.


[ANON POST] Language Structure in a Multicultural Society
Setting: Fantasy AU with some connections to the real world, 1800's level of technology
Googled: a lot of stuff related to linguistics, particularly conlangs, but at this point I'm not even sure how to narrow down what I need to research

So I'm pretty embarrassed at the non-specificity of this post, but I'm a bit lost with my world building at the moment.

I'm writing a fantasy story set in an AU of our own world. The MC is a offbeat psychopomp who, in the course of guiding her daily flock, makes a pit stop on a deserted island at the edge of reality. Every so often, for one reason or another, a bunch of the souls get left behind and thus don't wind up dying. Each time, she hurries on her way, figuring the worst they can do—living or dead—is shake some chains and file a complaint. By the time she returns to collect them, centuries have passed, and a society has sprung up in her absence.

The "pioneers" would be people of different cultural/linguistic backgrounds, so the structure of the society (as I currently have it) is very divisive. I figure that alliances would be fairly arbitrary at the beginning, then—as more people were left behind—they would split into groups based on their ability to understand one another. Within the groups based on shared language, there would be further divisions due to religion, ethnic difference, etc. Eventually, there would be social divisions between descendants of the "original" population and "new arrivals," who would be treated with superstition.

The story as stated is fairly lighthearted, but I still want things to make sense by some form of internal logic. So my questions:

1. What kind of evolution would take place over time? I assume that languages would acquire outside characteristics over time; after a couple hundred years they wouldn't resemble the original form at all (One of the bases I had for barriers between original descendants and new arrivals).

2. What mediums of communication would emerge for different lingual groups living in close proximity to one another? I figure that Creole languages would evolve between groups that interacted with one another often, and that these would rely a lot on regional context/gestures/expressions.

3. Is a "common language" at all plausible, and if so, what would it be? I assume that whatever group came out on top most often would force their language on those beneath them. But there wouldn't be a universally recognized central power as there would in most societies here, so I'm not sure.

4. How would the isolation of the setting affect all this? Would recognizable variants of Earth cultures be plausible? I'm considering that forces like colonialism and global migration would not be in play, and how this would effect social structures/gender roles etc., but I'm stuck between wanting to research a lot and get nothing wrong/considering that in such a scenario nothing would even resemble how it is IRL.

I'm not afraid of research, and I'll happily read anything you guys can recommend me. I'm just not sure where to start or what specific topics I should begin by looking into. I'm also happy to be corrected on any of my assumptions, even if it forces me to make changes to the story concept—I'd rather do it now, in the outlining stage, than a hundred pages in.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this post. This community has been so helpful to me on previous projects and I really appreciate it.

Parking in East Berlin

I'd be grateful if you can help with this little detail: where did people usually park /keep their cars (overnight, permanently) in East Berlin in late 80s? More specifically, my MC is an American journalist in EB and lives in a refurbished old building not far from downtown. Where would he be keeping his car? On the street near the building? in the court yard? at a special parking?

I've googled 'car parking in East Berlin', 'where people parked cars in East Berlin', 'overnight parking East Berlin' and variations there off, but have found nothing related to the time frames I need.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


PTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Psychiatric Hospital Treatment
Winter Soldier
Hey, friends, it's me again.

I'm back and this time writing a fan fiction that is post Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where a character is placed into a Psychiatric Hospital after the events due to all the trauma he's suffered over a 70 + period of time. There's a good chunk of the story that'll be taking place there and because of that I really want to make sure I can get this as correct as I can manage.

Putting details under a cut due to possible triggers:

Read more...Collapse )

[ANON POST] Caning Hands- Appearance and Treatment
Cut for descriptions of violence and injuriesCollapse )

Setting: Modern times- hypothetical situation where a (strong, angry, vengeful) teacher canes a kid in a country where corporal punishment has been banned. The characters have access to a first aid room at a sporting facility, but the medic who normally works there has gone home and isn't available to them. One character gets hand blisters from playing tennis- would his knowledge of how to treat his own hands help for the caned hands?

Search terms: tried in both google and my university library database- corporal punishment, caning, caning hands, caned hands treatment, corporal punishment schools, caned hands schools, caning hands schools 1800s

Dying of Infected Burn Wound
Skyrim Lucy
I have a petite but previously-healthy 19-year-old girl who survives an attack by a dragon but dies of her wounds a few days later. Ideally, I need the burn wounds (to her thigh, but this can be changed) to be small or shallow enough that she tries to treat them by herself and, if possible, hide them for a couple days but develops sepsis from an infection and dies a few more days later as a result. (Once the septicemia sets in, it becomes noticeable to others that something is wrong, but I’d like her to be able to hide it from anyone who isn’t paying close attention before then.)

Healing in her world used to be done primarily with curative holy magic, but holy magic has been shorted due to a recent event so people have fallen back on less-effective homemade remedies such as potions, salves, etc. No antibiotics, hospitals, or advanced medicines. This character was trained as a magical healer, so she would be able to identify a wound going bad, but her knowledge of non-magical medicine is limited so she is ultimately unable to save herself.

Is it possible for a second-degree burn to not seem severe or large enough at first that someone could try to self-treat and conceal it for 1-3 days but then develop a fatal infection? Should I go for a puncture wound from a bite instead? If necessary I could additionally have her develop a pneumonia-type lung infection as a complication of smoke inhalation from the dragon’s breath, but I would rather not since that would be more obvious. It is a standard, somewhat small, fire-breathing dragon.

Researched: burn wound infection, burn wound sepsis, smoke inhalation injury, tags here relating to burns and septic shock.

Thanks for any help!

Using a candlestick telephone in 1910-14
Madagascar penguin march
I'm trying to figure out how a caller would use a candlestick telephone in the UK (specifically London) around 1910-1914. Not the etiquette of the call once it's connected, but how that connection was actually made.

I gather that the caller would pick up the phone's earpiece, which would flip a switch to connect the call to an operator, and then the caller would give an exchange name and number and the operator would connect them to the person they're trying to reach (ie "Kensington 2817"). Candlestick phones don't have built-in dials yet, so there would be no way to connect to someone directly. The are the details I don't know:

-is "exchange name and number" and "operator" the correct terminology? would someone simply say "telephone number" at this time?
-was there a dial tone? a clicking noise? any other sounds the phone made?
-what would the operator say? was there a specific script of exact words to use?
-is there anything other than the number that the caller would need to tell the operator? would they chat?
-once the call was connected, what would the recipient say to answer the phone?

I've read a few different Edwardian history books (including The Edwardians and Social History of Edwardian Britain) and searched on the history site Edwardian Promenade, but none of the sections on phones or technology went into much detail, or mentioned operators. I also tried googling how to make a phone call in 1900s london, edwardian telephone calls, uk telephone operator script, and many other variations. I've mostly just found broad timelines on the history of telephones, or else etiquette rules for after a call is connected -- but nothing about how to make the actual call. The only specific info I can find about making calls is in this Wikipedia entry, but the only thing it mentions about candlestick phones is that picking up the earpiece would flip the switch to connect the phone (to the operator?).

Thanks in advance for any insights! :)

Japanese name
There is a character in the Kekkaishi manga that is a koi named Kurohime. Since she is "black princess", I need an appropriate name for a counterpart koi, "white prince". Would Shiroouji be the correct name translation?