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Men growing out bangs
ceruleanblues wrote in little_details
I have a young (12 year old) male character who had bangs and is now growing them out. Shoulder-length hair otherwise.

When I grew out my bangs I used clips. Alas, I am of the female persuasion, and flowered hair clips doesn't really suit my character. How would a boy grow out his bangs without using clips or having hair in his eyes? Is there a way?

Baseball caps and a little experimentation with hair gel it is!

Most guys I've seen with hair like that, including my brother, just sweep the hair behind their ears, at least in that general direction. Unless the bangs are styled or something, they're pretty much treated like any other bit of hair.

When I was growing out my bangs, I never used clips, and I'm a girl. I just swept my hair in the general direction of behind my ears, until it was long enough to stay there. It was a bit annoying at first, but not too bad.

My boyfriend used a hairband that matched his hair colour so that it wouldn't stand out, for what it's worth.

I've seen baseball caps used for that, if that helps.

That's what I was going to say.

He could use gel or something to slick them back, maybe.

I like the gel idea, but it depends on how long the rest of your hair is. Can you gel all of it?

I do sometimes, but I'm saying that as a female with very long hair that sometimes needs help to hold its curls. I don't know if a 12 year-old boy would be putting that much effort into styling, but if he just wants his face clear then he wouldn't need to gel it all the way.

I have bangs that perpetually fall in my eyes (they are the same length as the rest of my chin-length hair). A bobby pin might be discreet enough, but I have found that extra-strength hair gel (sculpting gel?) used in dabs near the *top* (gel it in a line sweeping away from the face and follow the bangs down) really works, even through sweating (I give my hair this treatment so it'll stay out of my eyes whilst I'm fencing- you get a lot of sweat concentrated around your head, and it doesn't budge).

both my boys are growing their hair (elder is 16, younger is 12) they seem to LIKE having their hair in their eyes/face!

As far as I can tell most guys either wear a cap during awkward hair phases, gel their hair up or back, or simply look scruffy for a while.

Although a girl, I am allergic to flowers and headbands. I use a hat. Almos any clothing style can accomodate a hat, somehow.

You can also use sufficient amounts of gel or wax or whatever to make it spikey at first. This, nowadays due to the media, would make most people think your character (if over the age of 12) looked gay.

Later on if you let it dry pointing straight up or back (using a small rubber band or bandana when you sleep), it will point up before drooping down, shortening the length down your face it goes. It also makes you look like you have anime hair.

When I had long hair I used a kerchief to keep my hair away from my eyes -- I never used a hairband. Using the right kind of kerchief, combined with a leather jacket, made me look like some random biker guy XD

I used a strip of cloth to hold it back.

My 12-year-old cousin just has his ever-present baseball cap and his hair in his face. He looks like he stepped straight out of 1973.

Except for the evening that my sister and I cornered him. I held him down and my sister did up his hair in pigtails. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a 12-year-old boy with two bigger, older female cousins to gang up on you. . . .

It also depends on whether you've got straight hair or curly or wavy. With wavy or curly hair sometimes the bangs just go up, or back, which can look terrible or hot depending on the person.

Oh, and if the character is kind of diffident, having them on his face covering his eyes would be part of characterization. Plenty of guys hide behind their hair, which makes them look rebellious but could just be insecure.

I read somewhere that Depp would let his hair grow, covering his face, for those same reasons.

Most of the boys I know just let it flop in their eyes and then look emo through it. Then again for most of the boys I know, scruffy is the fashion choice de jour. Other than that he could have a side parting deal and just sweep it over with some styling wax so it doesn't get in his eyes too much.

Well, it is possible that your character would clip his hair back when he's fresh out of the shower and leave them in until his hair's dry, then take them out before he has to be seen in public. Lots of people's hair will hold the shape it was dried in for a long time; I know if my hair dried tucked behind my ear, it would hold that curve for a couple days.

However, I think it would be more likely for him to just wear a hat or bandanna, or just lets them fall in his eyes. The hair-in-the-eyes thing goes double if this character is shy; it's quite easy to see around your own bangs, but since other people can't see your eyes, they won't make eye contact, which makes social interaction much easier.

Well, it is possible that your character would clip his hair back when he's fresh out of the shower and leave them in until his hair's dry

He's 12 ;)

He's 12 ;)
Never underestimate the resourcefulness and patience of a twelve-year-old. :p

I do see your point, however. As someone who was homeschooled in the middle of nowhere, I tend to underestimate the effects of peer pressure and stereotypical imagery (ie, I can get why he'd avoid the clips as being "girly" in public, but not why it'd matter when he's alone in his room). Guess it's hat or nothing (IMO, you'd have to be pretty skilled with hair product to make that option work, and like you said: he's 12).

My brother just tucks it behind his ears. It promptly falls in his face and mostly he just puts up with it (even when you can't see his eyes/most of his face, somehow he can see out to play his computer games...) He's 15.

My one mate, however, when he was growing his hair (he was about 16) used to steal his mum's (sparkly silver!!) hair clips for around the house (since he was quite practical -- he knew the dangers of getting his growing hair caught in his lathe or drill...) Can remember when he forgot to take the clips out when going to a neighbour's. Cue much embarrasment, blushing, etc. He only wore them alone, with his immediate family (getting much gyp) or around his 2 best mates.

Normally, I adore longhaired blokes, but hell, thank god he cut his hair...


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