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Pictures of penises
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kutsuwamushi wrote in little_details
Some of you might find this useful for sex scenes:

Erection Photos

It's not porn. Rather, it's a site for "research information on penile erections", with lots of photos of different types of penises. The information is a lot less skewed than one would find looking at pictures on porn sites. The "soft-hard" gallery is the only one I've looked at so far, though.

(via MetaFilter)

I'm ashamed to say that that's one of my favourite sites. The "motion" page is comedy gold.


Someone needs to point Fandom Wank at those. They're begging to be made into icons.

I think it's kinda cute. In a naked mole rat sort of way.


The more I look at those, the more lesbian I become.

Awww, now what if a guy were saying that about average Jane girl parts? ^^;

Well for one thing you wouldn't be saying "Boing!"

This isn't like "oh my god, these guys do not have perfect penises, I will never touch one again." This like. HOLY CRAP, THE PENIS, IT IS SO SCARY.

Exactly! Only less of scary and more of Ew, nasty, get it away!

And girl parts are pretty, dangist. >:

Dangist? Wtf, how'd that s sneak it there. *Dangit

:x I dunno, man. When I'm looking at conventional porn not that I do that often? I tend to find girlparts pretty creepy-lookin', too. I think it's all in the presentation.

I think we've just illustrated the point of the site quite well, actually. When we expect penises to be a shaved, erect beacon of sex, completely normal penises get the shaft. So to speak.

It's an excellent site, thanks for pointing it out. And I kind of wish I could conscientiously aim some of the teens I work with at it, because the misinformation they're picking up from the web isn't helping much...

That's a really cool site and all, since I'm all about mythbusting the stereotypes of the human body, but all I can say after looking at some of those pictures is thank the goddess my husband has a porno-style penis.

I'm sure that makes me evil, but . . . damn.

Meh, more love for penises!

And more love for Erection Photos, doubly because of the site author. He sounds so genuinely happy cataloguing erections curving which ever way and peptalking the submitters...

haha, thanks for the site

i need more knowledge of uncircumsized pensises

That is an excellent site, thanks. Does yourself (or anyone) know of the same thing for females?

It's really hard to google something like that. ^^;;

There was a project in an LJ community (can't remember which) that had members taking pictures of themselves and posting the pictures anonymously. Vulvas, breasts, bums and thighs were all part of it. The point was to let other women compare themselves to non-porn-star body parts and see that their own parts were not weird or ugly.

But the picture galleries were only accessible to members of the community. If I run across anything like that that's a public gallery, I'll post it. has a variety of photos.


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