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Indian torture and prostitutes
Shotgun Angel
otoselkie wrote in little_details
What kind of torture methods were favored in ancient India? I'm writing a fantasy story set in a culture based roughly on South India, but since I have fantasy leeway, less specific info is fine, too. I'm not picky about specific time periods, either – pre-European influence is really what I want. The character is being tortured for information, not amusement, if that helps any. So far I'm going with traditional pain-inflicting methods – beating, burning, holding his head underwater, etc.

Also, what would be visual cues to whether a woman was a prostitute? Is there any difference in garb, makeup or hairstyle that would give it away? This is once again based off of South India, culture-wise.

About torture...I'd imagine it's pretty universal as to what hurts.

As for the cultural things, have you checked out your library? They should have a bunch of stuff on the culture/peoples of India (ancient and modern). Check the juvenile section too, they have a lot of general information on daily life and things like that.

The benefit to going to the library is that you will get to enjoy the photos and drawings that the books will offer.

For me, a picture will sometimes spark off a huge piece of the story and my imagination will really take off and run with it. Good luck! :-)

"Death by a thousand cuts"?

Em, that's really not ringing any bells here, if it's specific. *is thick*

A popular "oriental" method of torture, where one is slowly "killed" by having over a thousand (shallow) cuts made all over their body.

From here, paraprahsed.

From 1526 onwards, the Islamic Mughal Empire enforced strict religious codes. They also began to mistreat women and criminalise homosexuality during this period. Homosexuals were punished under extreme Islamic law by flagellation or death, and this was accomplished by burning the victims alive, stoning them, collapsing walls upon them, or impaling their rectums with hot iron rods.

Northern India, though. Don't know if it makes too much difference?

That's more specific than anything else I've found, thank you :). (Though... ooh, bad-nasty stuff).

Scroll down to get various methods of torture and descriptions, as well as who earned what kinds of torture/execution, and for which crimes.

I'm not too sure how to help you out with the details regarding 'torture', but, I'll tell you, as best as I can, of what I've been told about body language of the prostitues in India.
In Bombay, which to be specific is Western India, the make-up for one generally would be very garish. The costume generally is Indian, that would include a sari, or a salwar kameez. Depending on the time period you could get the the costume right, which would have to do with was seen worn around at the time.
South Indians usually have their hair oiled and in a braid. But the hair usually is quite wavy. I've been told that's considered a good thing - to have thick black wavy hair. From what my friend described, the make-up for prostitutes remains the same whichever part of the country. Lots of reds, maroons and dark colours. Does that help any?