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What would a 9-year-old Pokeman fan have coveted most in 2013?

Oddly specific question is admittedly odd and specific.

I'm not sure how to research this, so I'm at least hoping someone can point me to the right place to ask my questions, if I can't get an answer on here.

What multi-part toy, game, or other merch/item would an American 9-year-old Pokemon fan have coveted mid-2013? (Something which has anywhere from 4 to 7 parts would be most ideal.) And of them, which one would an American 16-year-old Pokemon fan most likely be aware of?

This is a story where a 9-year-old girl's birthday is coming up, and there are five relatively wealthy adults in her life who want to get her a good birthday gift, since her last birthday has some bad memories attached to them. The only other Pokemon fan they know is a 16-year-old boy, so they all ask him for advice on what to get her. They all do so independently/without mentioning to each other that they're asking him, but by happenstance, they happen to do so around the same time. He basically tells everyone to get a different part of a collection or bigger item, implying to each of them that this is a good place to "start" collecting this series or assembling this much larger product. Of course, come the birthday, this little girl ends up with the complete series or product by the time she's done opening her presents. The adults talk amongst themselves, and they are quite amused when they realize they all asked this same teenager for help, and how he played them/manipulated them into getting the little girl's dream gift in its entirety.

For context, this is a fanfic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where instead of the Avengers first meeting Clint Barton's family in the second Avengers movie, they met soon after the events of the first Avengers movie. The birthday girl is Clint's daughter, and while Thor is still gone at this point, the remaining Phase 1 Avengers are trying to figure out what to get her. The reason why the girl's last birthday sucked is because it was just over a week after the Battle of New York. That 16-year-old boy is Stiles Stilinski, from roughly around Season 2 of Teen Wolf. In this AU, he is Steve Roger's adoptive nephew.

I'm not too familiar with Pokemon now, and I definitely wasn't back in 2013, so I'm not sure where to even start looking. I'm thinking either a series of video-games (maybe something for Nintendo DS, or Gameboy?), or maybe some really big Lego complex that's sold in 4-7 sets. As low as 4 works because I may have one of those adults (Tony or Clint) give her something else altogether. As high as 7 works because I may write her as having one part of it already, and along with the five adults/Avengers, the boy (Stiles) gets her something, as well. Something with 5 parts/components would be ideal, though.

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I'm not one for collectables or toy, but I found a Youtube video from Feb 2013 showing the "latest" (2013) lineup of Pokemon toys being displayed at the NY Toy Fair.


If the girl's birthday is after October, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were released in October 2013, so plushies and figurines of the new creatures, especially the new starters and their evolutions (which would make 6 figures in total) would have been in hot demand among collectors.

Or, given the influence and funds available to most of the Avengers, figurines or plushies of the 6 Legendaries (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Zygarde, Xerneas and Yveltal)could be pretty exciting for a 9-year-old Pokemon fan.

Other than that I can't find or remember anything like the compartmental/construction type of toy you're thinking of.

If her birthday is earlier in the year, a one-of-a-kind officially-doesn't-exist pre-release version of X/Y received a few months before the official release would probable blow her little mind.
Thank you! ♥
And I bet that Tony could get hold of that, too... if he threw enough money at it.