Dragon's Phoenix (dragonyphoenix) wrote in little_details,
Dragon's Phoenix

name of a part of a shirt?

On a button-up blouse or shirt, down at the bottom of the front of the shirt, there are two panels that hang down a bit longer. They can be tied into a knot around the waist. I'm trying to work out what they are called.

The scene I'm trying to describe is from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie - yes, I'm writing fanfic if that makes a difference - in the locker room where Merrick throws the knife at Buffy. I need to describe how part of the blouse she's wearing is tied around the waist into a knot because Merrick is thinking it would make a handhold for an enemy to grab. Knowing what the parts of the blouse she'd tied together would be very helpful.

I tried Googling parts of a shirt and found images of shirts describing parts of a shirt but they only tell me that the corresponding backside of the shirt is called a tail but don't say what the front parts are called.

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