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Elite British Boarding Schools

The time period I'm talking about is present time (2008-2012 time span to be exact). I can find British boarding schools that look prestigious, but I'm more looking for the cultural reaction to these schools. I'm really looking for boarding schools where the powerful, elite, high society sends their kids these days.

If I were to ask a British citizen to name a elite boarding school for children in the apporiximate age group 11-18, Eton would probably be first on their mind - an elite boarding school for boys only in the ages 13 and up, . But maybe I'm wrong and there's another school that would pop up in people's mind first.

Also, is there an equivalent for girls that's well known in Britain? I've been able to find out that Benenden School in Kent and Heathfield School in Ascot are the only two full boarding schools in the UK - although I'm not quite clear if that means the girls board there year round or if they go home for holidays, since it's called full-time for all students. I think it means all studens are boarders, there are no commuters. But are either of these two schools well known in the UK, like Eton is?

Also, is there a unisex boarding school with the same kind of reputation? (Do unisex boarding schools exist? I couldn't find one.)

I wish I could google this, but although I can find boarding schools - ones that score highly academically and are expensive, there's plenty of lists - I can't really figure out from the internet if they're well known to a reasonably educated British citizen. So I hope someone here can help me.
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