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A useful resource for Victorian London
marcus 2013
ffutures wrote in little_details
This map superimposes Google maps and Victorian ordnance survey maps of London circa 1896. I've already found some interesting surprises in my local area, including a row of 50+ houses that was demolished to make room for railway lines some time between then and the 1940s.

Ooooooh - I'd LOVE to see if we can use other ordinance maps to do other big cities - GREAT idea!

OMG, I could kiss you right now. This is exactly what I need!

This is absolutely superb!! The fic I'm working on is 1850s, but this is still highly useful! :D

Try this one then - it's got the first comprehensive OS maps of London (1869-80) in it, as well as an earlier survey from 1746.

Oh, I didn't know that site!

There's this one, where I spent far too much time yesterday (not just Scotland, despite what it looks like):
And there are OS maps here:
Aerial images, 1919-1953:

Even better, thankyou!! I'd already found out on another site that, although a street that I wanted to mention certainly did exist in the 1850s, its name was slightly different.

Thank you thank you a million times thank you!

Thank you so much for this! Not only for the London map, but for pointing out that gallery. I found a map of NYC from 1782 that is *perfect* for an urban fantasy game I'm running!