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San Francisco property price, location and history - modern day

Hi everyone,

I have a character who lives in San Francisco. I am well aware of the extremely high cost of living and the ridiculousness of the property market!

She owns a small house, which she inherited from her father. He was born somewhere between 1940 - 1945, was a lawyer and bought the house some time before 1980 (with the assistance of an inheritance, if required). My character inherited the house upon his death in approximately 2007.

It's a small house, two bedrooms, one bathroom, which ideally has either an attic or a basement. I've done a fair amount of research into modern day San Francisco, but it's harder to extrapolate backwards - I don't need to know the areas young, single professionals would want to buy houses in now, but where they'd have wanted to buy in the late 70s. The purchaser was white and straight, but not especially conservative. He'd have not anticipated it ever being a family home, and would have wanted to be near amenities and social places.

My questions are:

1. In what area is he likely to have bought a house?
2. How much did he buy it for?

I've browsed a reasonable amount of property listings for San Francisco and seen plenty of the type of homes I'm imagining, in various areas, for between $800k and $1.2 million. I just need the history! Thank you in advance.
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