Streetlamp Lucozade (orange_fell) wrote in little_details,
Streetlamp Lucozade

[ANON POST] Muslim Faith Leadership Roles for Women

I have a Somali-American woman in the Twin Cities, and I'd like to make her some sort of Muslim faith leader, but I don't know where to begin. I've read a lot of stargazer's blog, and I've Googled variations on "Muslim faith leaders women" and "female Muslim religious leaders." I got a lot of stuff for Muslim women by Muslim women, which was excellent, but very theoretical: what women could do, not what women do do. I also got a lot bigoted junk about how Muslim men are all misogynistic and never let "their women" do anything, so, yeah.

She's about forty years old and widowed. She has a teenage daughter, but no other children. Her education, employment, etc. can be whatever's required. I'm considering making her a professor of something relevant at the University of Minnesota as a day job, but, again, whatever's best.

Setting is around 2010.

Tags: usa: minnesota, ~religion: islam
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