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What would bring drunk college students from all over to Colorado?

Time: modern day
place: Colorado, and if necessary neighboring states
Search terms: I had no idea how to search this, it's kind of a local-knowledge thing.

This is for the zombie story I've asked about before.

My zombies want to spread the infection (don't worry, it's harmless to the living). It's fluid-transmitted, meaning bites, sex, kissing, blood transfusions, and the like (though not, to a meaningful extent, things like sneezing or germy doorknobs). They figure an ideal vector group would be college students who have come to the area to party (for spring break or whatever), then will go back to their respective schools, presumably kissing and/or having sex with a lot of people along the way.

The problem is, my zombies will start out somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. And I don't think Colorado is a big spring-break destination or the like, though I, having never lived there, could be wrong.

So, is there any period of time, somewhere in or very near Colorado, where drunk college students (or some very similar group) congregate, party for a while, then disperse? If so, when and where?
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