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FBI organization and locations in DC
robert_huff wrote in little_details
When/where: current reality

searched: FBI web-site; Wikipedia "FBI"


Anyone out there a current/former employee, or familiar with the internal divisions and locations in the metro Washington D.C. area?


There's a successful (electronic) break-in at a sensitive but not classified federal computer. 24 hours later the computer security types have managed to track the source, but they're stymied on who the intruder was and what (if anything) they did once they gained access.

1) This sounds - so far - like a job for Cyber Division. What kind of discoveries would get it (quickly) transferred to either Criminal Investigation or National Security? (It is not and will never be terrorism-related, and it might involve classified material ... but not yet.)

2) Where are the main offices for Cyber, CI, and National Security? I assume they're not all in the Hoover Building?

Several months later this has expanded into the investigation of a vast, shadowy conspiracy(tm) by a long-term multi-agency task force (with the Bureau still in charge).

3) Where can they find 15-20 desks/offices and associated support areas? Quantico? Or is there a building somewhere in the District?

4) What's the probable rank of the (FBI) agent leading the group? Supervisory SA? ASAC? SAC? (Section Chief ??????)

This page off the FBI website suggests at least the National Security branch is housed at the Hoover building.

There does appear to be a separate Washington DC branch office of the FBI. I don't know how much space they have or don't, but it'd be close by but not at the Hoover. Only other "local" branches are Norfolk or Baltimore. There is a ton of govt offices/etc though in the DC area, even for contractors. It could be they contact the GSA and they allocated them some unused space for X months under some guise of a task force or whatever.

I am pretty sure that there are office buildings dotted around the ten or twenty block radius of downtown DC that house various sections of government agencies, though I don't know where or how you would get more specific information.

1) The only thing I can think of that would be stored on an unclassified system yet prompt more interest would be if someone broke into a SCADA system-- maybe for a water or power plant. Or something to do with the federal banking system.

2) This ( seems to indicate at least some portion of Cyber Division is at the Hoover building.

You could also try sending an email, letting them know that you are doing research for a story and looking to get as many facts 'sounding put together' as possible without actually getting real details. Sometimes people will give you 'good sounding' stuff while not giving you too much. I always get stuck in my research because law enforcement and other people don't want to give too much information because ... well... you know, life imitates art and art imitates life. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself, and your readers, that this is the best it's going to get.

Good luck and don't get stuck in the details - I've killed so many stories that way, /laugh.