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19th and 20th century cataract surgery

Fandom-specific explanation of the setting: post-Avatar: The Last Airbender, pre-Legend of Korra.

Non-fandom-specific explanation: The setting is non-real-world, based mainly on China, with Japanese and Inuit influences, among others. However, inventions that were, in our world, invented in other countries, occasionally show up in this setting, so don't feel limited by that. I haven't decided exactly how old I want a major character to be, which will affect the time period my fic is set in, but the technological level is probably going to be analogous to our world between the 1850s and the 1920s. I know that's a broad range.

Googled: cataract surgery in 1850s China, history of radio (part of how I pinned down the time period), history of cataract surgery, von Graefe cataract, congenital cataracts in adults surgery, idiopathic congenital cataract. I also looked at a post on atla-annotated (a fandom-specific tumblr), which gave some clues as to the setting (though I don't think I'm going to go with the Qin or Tang dynasty dates; neither would fit with the steamships).

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Tags: ~blindness, ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry
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