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Hindi or Telugu expression of parental disappointment
gallo_de_pelea wrote in little_details
I'm making a comic with a main character who is the American-born first son of Indian immigrants. English, Telugu, some Urdu, and some Hindi are spoken around the home.

In the scene I'm currently working on, MC is speculating on best case and worst case scenarios of seeing his parents again after a major falling-out. When he's quoting what they might say (His line is "I can expect to hear a LOT of  [__phrase here__]"), I'd like to have him use an expression with the same sort of feeling as "where oh where did we go wrong?", that sort of melodramatic parental complaint.

Is there a common expression like this that could work? 

Thanks in advance. :)

[Google searched various combos of Hindi/Telugu/Hinglish parental/family expressions of disappointment/disapproval, and looked through a BUNCH of personal blogs by kids/young adults in similar households. No luck yet.]

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