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Male erection and muscle relaxant
Kris Allen
sacredpornondw wrote in little_details
Long version: Can a guy get an erection after being injected with a muscle relaxant / neuromuscular blocking drug?
Setting: Modern day USA

Hi! I'm writing a story where a guy is captured to be studied in a laboratory. For varies reasons, I need him to be able to get an erection after being put under a muscle relaxant (or more specifically, a neuromuscular blocking drug), and I'd like to make sure that it is feasible.

I've read some Wiki articles regarding the topic (links to articles at the end of this post) but they pretty much went over my head. From what I gathered, a fully paralyzed patient is unable to move, speak, blink the eyes but able to feel stimulation. Since male erection can happen involuntary, this guy should be able to get an erection given sufficient stimulation even though he can't voluntarily move his limbs around, right?

I really hope the story can work out this way, but if not, any suggestions as to how I can prevent this guy from moving (without using any physical restraint such as handcuffs) while keeping him capable of an erection?

Some of the articles I've read:
Anesthesia awareness - Paralytics/muscle relaxant use
Muscle relaxant
Neuromuscular-blocking drug
Death erection
Nocturnal penile tumescence

Thank you!

He should be able to, yes.

About injectables, I don't know, but when I was taking Flexeril pills (cyclobenzaprine) for my back I had no trouble.

From direct experience with an ex-boyfriend: yes.

The short version is: muscle relaxants relax muscular tissue. Erections occur in erectile tissue. These are different things, so one shouldn't directly affect the other.

The disclaimer is: no personal experience with this situation.

yes, muscles have nothing to do with erection. subjective sensory "feeling" is optional as well. completely and permanently paralyzed people still have erections.

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Personal experience with husband/bf on heavy doses of pill form muscle relaxants... yes.

random side note

I saw the documentary on the development of Viagra years ago. It actually is a muscle relaxant -- muscles relax and allow blood to flow in. The big challenge was that the erectile muscles have a different make-up than regular muscle tissue. It's actually very similar to cardiac tissue, so one of the big concerns in developing Viagra was how to relax erectile muscle and not the heart at the same time.

Thanks for the tidbit! I didn't think to look up Viagra, that's very interesting info!

Another personal experience from another husband (mine): yes, it's more than possible. Penile tissue ≠ muscle.

Apparently Stephen Hawking has an active sex life, according to his nurse. Try not to picture that. Try really, really hard.

I didn't know that! Good for him though. Thank you for the info!

One should never drink and LJ at the same time

That was a mental image!!!!


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