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MOD POST: Do you have a question you want to ask anonymously?
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kutsuwamushi wrote in little_details
If you leave your question in a comment here, I'll repost it to the community under my own account. Your question will then appear on the community's main page.

Make sure that your question follows the rules, especially the part about including your search terms and setting.

Comments are screened to keep answers all in one place, but you should still comment anonymously, just in case I have to ask you to change something before posting.

ETA: Seriously, people. By the time that you've made a comment here you've been reminded to follow the posting rules at least twice.

ETA: If your post does not appear within 24 hours, please post a follow-up comment. (You don't need to post the whole question again, just leave me another comment asking if I've seen it.) Sometimes notifications don't reach me for some reason. You can also PM me if you have an LJ account.

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Re: Legislation and Bill/Bond Sponsor


2011-08-17 07:05 pm (UTC)

... I don't know what I should do with you.

I sent you a rejection notice that explained that your post did not follow the rules and specifically pointed out which rules those were. Additionally, by now you have been reminded to read the rules at least twice: You found this post, which means you must have seen either the reminder at the top of the main page or the reminder at the top of the profile page, and this post contains another reminder itself.

I will not be forwarding this to the community. I am not sure why you are posting here at all, unless perhaps you didn't get the rejection notice and are confused about how to post this.

Edit your post so it follows the rules and submit it normally, the way you did the first time. Alternatively, if you actually want to remain anonymous, edit your post so it follows the rules and post it here. I hope you check back here once you realize you rpost hasn't gone up, because I've forgotten your username.

Manslaughter Repeal?


2011-11-16 04:04 pm (UTC)

Are there any good reasons why someone would get manslaughter repealed in court, even if the defendant was pleading guilty?

Re: Manslaughter Repeal?


2011-11-16 05:02 pm (UTC)

I will not be posting this to the community as it does not follow the community rules.

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Re: Manslaughter Repeal?


2011-11-16 07:56 pm (UTC)

The rules and posting guidelines are on the profile. No, I don't believe you've looked through them, nor do I believe that you have even read the post you're commenting on.

Edited at 2011-11-16 07:59 pm (UTC)

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Re: World-Creating Details?


2011-12-02 08:25 pm (UTC)

Centaurs are fictional creatures.

As far as your other questions, you need to do some basic research first and then come back once you've included some of your search terms.

Porn Industry:

I'm currently working a sitcom, where one of the characters is a ex-pornstar. She seems to be a favorite among my friends and I want to portray her past accurately. So here are the following questions.

1. How does one enter the porn industry?

2. Why would one leave the porn industry?

3. What is life like post-porn?

4. What are most porn stars like? (I know I shouldn't ask a question that suggests all porn stars are alike, but are they usually conceited, extroverted, etc.)

5. Does the archetype of the slimy porn producer exist?

I will not be posting this to the community as it does not follow the community rules. You can repost your question once you've edited it if you like.

I'm currently working on a show about 7 erratic, selfish people living in Los Angeles, and how their self-interests negatively affects the lives of other people and themselves. For the most part I want the show to be to Los Angeles as The Wire was to Baltimore. I want not only to be a comedy-drama, but one that describes the culture of southern california perfectly. What I know is SoCal mostly consists of Los Angeles and San Diego, Sunny, Beaches, and laid back people. But I want to include more local things, and have a more detailed description of the people and the place.

1. What do most people in Los Angeles do for fun?

2. Famous places, malls?

3. Celebrity Hotspots?

4. SoCal lifestyle?

5. SoCal personality?

Please edit this so that it conforms to the community rules if you still wish for it to be posted.

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The best way for you to give back to the community is to hang around and answer questions about firearms as they come up. It's better for the community, and the individual asker, if questions are posted as separate entries, rather than as comments to a post that is being monitored by only one person.

Thank you, though!

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I will not be submitting this question to the comm because it is not a research or fact-checking question. You are welcome to rewrite the question to be looking for information on the real experiences of multiracial women facing prejudice, although be sure to read the community rules and guidelines first and make sure your post has everything required for approval.

My own $0.02? You as the writer have complete control over your character, her background, and how other characters react to her. Anything you want can happen there. On the other hand, you do not have total control over how your readers will react to the character. I think you should be less concerned about appeasing those who would respond to her from a place of prejudice and call her names such as "uppity," and concentrate on writing for those who would in fact prefer to be reading about a brilliant, powerful woman of color.

Hi! I'm writing a novel set in futuristic London and can't seem to find any info on this anywhere so was hoping someone here might be able to help...

I need to know how long the London Underground could remain intact without maintenance - would the tunnels eventually cave in, or are they designed to withstand time? I know they were used as air-raid shelters in the war, so therefore must be quite strong, but any more information on the life expectancy of the tunnels would be much appreciated!


Hi anon, as stated in this post, in order to be posted your question must include some of the sources or search terms you have used in researching the problem. You can resubmit your question here with that info added.

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I am sorry, but if we allowed you to post asking for a beta, then to be fair we would have to let others. And that is far outside the scope of the community.

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Anon with the question about homophobia and sexual assault: I'm not 100% sure if your post fits the community guidelines, and have PMed another mod for a second opinion. Since they have not yet gotten back to me, here are my reasons for NOT immediately approving this post: it seems that what you are asking for here is not a check of your research, but of the appropriateness of your story's tone. The question might be better suited for a more broadly-focused creative writing comm, instead of a fact-checking one.

Writing question: I'm writing a poem where im trying to compare a person to different traits that countries around the world have. (For example: the bahamas might remind one of warmth, so i could use that to say his smile is like the bahamas, or whatever). The issue I'm having is coming up up with these traits. Is there.a word for this so i might google it? Or does anyone have ideas? I need to find a way to find a whole bunch of (maybe even stereotypical) traits an entire country might embody. Ideas??! Help!

You're looking for "word associations" I think.

I will not be posting this to the community, though, because it does not follow the rules for posting. You are welcome to edit and resubmit the post.

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Anon with resources links: as these links are all in Japanese, their usefulness to the community as a whole is quite limited. It would be more fruitful if, instead of posting these as a resource post, you just hold onto them until someone comes along seeking specific information about Edo-era crime and punishment.

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Anon with question about high school musicals: please read the community rules. In order to be posted, your question must include some of the sources or search terms you have used to research the question. You are welcome to edit and resubmit the post.

Edited at 2014-02-03 04:40 pm (UTC)

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Re: Shooting someone and claiming self defense


2014-12-14 12:44 am (UTC)

Anon with question about the US legal system: your character would be investigated and tried under the laws of the state in which the assault with the gun happened. If you want accurate information from the community, you need to decide on a state for your setting. Edit: You should try some new search strings involving the chosen state as well, in order to comply with our rules about research.

Edited at 2014-12-14 01:20 am (UTC)


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