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Russian women's underwear, 1940's.

Time: Basically the 1940's, though it's AU, so the timeline is a little wronky.
Place: A larger city in Russia, say .. St. Petersburg.
Googled: "vintage underwear," "40's underwear", "vintage 40's underwear", "what women wore for underwear in 1940's" (I was getting desperate).

So basically, what's happening is this. There's a party happening, and a soldier and the general's daughter meet on the balcony. The general's daughter is wearing a fancy gown-type thing, very elegant but also semi-tight. After a brief moment of witty repartee, the two depart for the general's daughter's room, where they proceed to get down and dirty.

My question is thus -- considering this image, which are panels from the comic on which the story is based (for those of you concerned, yes, I do have permission), what would the general's daughter -- the one on the bottom -- be wearing as far as underwear? She appears to be wearing some variety of garter belt, which leads me to believe that it's something like this, but I am uncertain. Help me, little_details, you are my only hope!

edit: Two things, for clarity. First, the St. Petersburg reference was a size comparison, nothing more. It doesn't take place during WWII, necessarily, nor even necessarily in Russia. Second, this is very much an AU story, so .. as much as I appreciate learning about invasions during WWII, it isn't relevant to the question, which is simply regarding undergarments.

Tags: 1940-1949, russia: history, ~clothing
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