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Slow-acting poison that is not easily traced, no antidote yet, or one very difficult to make
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demeter94 wrote in little_details
Period: Modern Day
Place: US
Places looked: Wiki, Google with search words 'slow-acting poison', metallic poisoning, research on Thallium and arsenic

I found one post here that relates to slow-acting poisons, but some details that we planned for our story don't fit, so I hope to get further answers here.

As planned, anyway: The poison should be something which shows effects slowly, the person knows she's being poisoned turns to a doctor for help finding an antidote. (That's why most substances found didn't work as it was mostly clear what the treatment would be, and it had to be immediately.

The antidote has to be found yet, or is very hard to get. There should be no long-lasting life-threatening effects once it's given.

Is such a thing possible?

Thank you!

If you don't want clarity on what the treatment should be, you'll probably have to go with some exotic plant poison made from the seeds of Handwavium Hypothetica of the jungles of Amazon... Evidence-based medicine + modern databases being what they are, unless the doctor simply has no access to a telephone or computer, the treatment will be determined pretty fast.

Thank you! I was afraid it would be like this, but maybe we'll change the storyline to adapt.

"There should be no long-lasting life-threatening effects once it's given."

Ah, yeah, so Polonium is right out then. Fun stuff though.

Thanks! We'll check it out!

Hrm... well, if you simply want to drag things out, what about combining two poisons, with one being more common/obvious and the other not so much? Your character goes to the doctor, suspecting she's been poisoned with x... tests confirm it... she starts treatment and improves, but still isn't well... aha, further, more comprehensive testing shows y too... she starts treatment for that too and recovers. She comes out OK, but not as swiftly as she might otherwise.

That is one very interesting option we hadn't even thought about yet. Thank you, we'll look into it!

Have you looked at snake venoms? I just watched "Snakes on a Plane" my eyes are bleeding and they mentioned something about some snake venoms taking days to kill someone, and that the snakes involved were so obscure that the antidote could only be found in some exotic locale.

Your victim would know it was a snakebite--the question would be which species of snake?

Definitely worth looking into, thank you!

some clarification would help


2009-03-04 06:03 am (UTC)

Your post isn't very clear on something. Which of these are you trying to do?
1. Kill your vic slowly, while the doctor wrings his hands and tries to figure out what's wrong/what to do
2. Kill your vic slowly, while the doctor figures out what is wrong but can't fix it in time
3. Have the doctor figure out the antidote/treatment in the nick of time, and save your vic, who has been dying of Slow Poison all along
4. Something else

Also, your poisoner's motivations and capacities might influence things, so you should tell us who's poisoning your vic, by what general method (if you know/care), and why.

Re: some clarification would help


2009-03-06 11:03 am (UTC)

Okay, thank you, this is very good because it made me realize we weren't all too clear on the whole background. It would be something between 3. and 4. with the victim definitely going to survive.

She is a cop who's been hunting a serial killer for several years. He has a very specific M.O. as some objects at the crime scenes refer to fairy tales. He's fixated on her and feels betrayed by her being in a relationship with someone else, hence the poisoning (also a reference to a fairy tale; the poisoned apple in Snow White).

What makes this so difficult to explain is that this is fanfic based on both the first and only season of a TV show, and also the second virtual season we've already written and is now continued with this storyline, but thank you for pointing out the need for clarification.

Re: some clarification would help

Andiswa Mlenze

2011-03-22 12:54 pm (UTC)

Want my vic 2 die slowly with no trace of anythng...

Try Lethal Webcaps, you'd be p*ssing your kidneys out in a week or so. There's a whole group of mushrooms that are slow acting, but quite lethal.

Thank you, we're gonna check it out!

Best part is that many mushroom poisons are so subtle at first that there can be days before you realise something is wrong. Also you can sometimes cure the poisoning, but that can require organ transplants if the damage is bad enough.

You could use a faster acting natural poison it's called the nightshade bush in small doses it makes the person hallucinate in large doses it kills and there is no none antidote for it yet however I suggest you wash your hands unless you are wearing gloves


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