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Leopard Genitals
Hand in Pants (Clr)
slashpervert wrote in little_details
I am working on an erotic story that involves a character who shapeshifts into a leopard who is involved with a normal human. I have researched both online and at the library and have not been able to figure out some basic questions that would impact the story.

I have found numerous references to cats, even leopards, having barbs on their penis which "stimulate" the female when pulled out. Whether the female likes this or not seems to be in dispute. If a human touched an aroused leopard penis, would they feel the barbs? How hard/sharp are they?

I know. Weird question.


And, since it seems to be in common with other cats, here:

NOTE: picture of a lion's penis:

Notice that an animal's penis is significantly smaller than a human's, as well as very differently shaped,(we have unusually large genitals compared to almost all other animals - not including ungulates). And, it would not be pleasant for a human to have intercourse with a leapord - re, the barbs. And, the general, though no one is positive, consensus seems to be that the barbs stimulate ovulation.

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Honestly, I don't see this scenario working, unless you change your character's leopard form to make him less like a real leopard.

"Whether the female likes this or not seems to be in dispute" - you're talking about cats here, not humans. Regardless of what cats get out of it, most humans aren't going to enjoy being penetrated by something with backward-facing spines. To put it bluntly, the in-and-out that humans find pleasurable isn't going to be possible, because the out will hurt like hell.

Another thing to consider is that cat sex is very short. This page says that leopards take about two minutes.

Also, what size is a leopard's penis? I have no idea. But human penises are quite a bit larger than they have to be to get the job done - so a leopard's penis might be tiny from a human's point of view.

Cats and humans are just fundamentally sexually incompatible.

And if they tried to get creative and try other methods of sexual activity, they'd still be running into problems. Oral is probably out of the question due to the spikes again, on his end, and the sandpaper-roughness of feline tongues on hers. Mutual masturbation won't work either, unless he gets to retain his hands.

Just about the only thing I can think of that's even vaguely an option is pegging- I don't know about leopards (and Google mostly turns up a lot of anti-gay Christians sites talking about leopards changing their spots), but I know that male/male sexual activity has been observed in cheetahs and lions, so it's possible that a sufficiently large strap-on could provide mutual pleasure... but other than that, if he doesn't have some sort of hybrid option, they're pretty much out of luck.

This is probably debatable.

For a real laugh, check out the Thor.

I don't know what your point is. So some company makes a dildo inspired by a big cat's penis? That doesn't mean that a real big cat and a human can easily have sex.

Cats and humans are just fundamentally sexually incompatible.

Unless the human in question is Duo Maxwell.

Don't be silly, Duo Maxwell is a nymph, not a human.

Ah, another of life's mysteries solved.

another view is the Anita Blake stories by Laurall K Hamilton. She deals with sex+shapeshifters, and vampires, incidentally...

*hides due to my inane love for those books*

I'm puzzled that she never mentions the knot even when Anita gets it on with Richard as he shifts.

It's not like wereleopards are real, or anything. Why not just decide what you think would be erotic in terms of were-penis, and then deem that to be the traits posessed by leopard shifters in your world?

You went to Winchestercon 07, didn't you?

No. Not really my fandom, though I do watch the show. Why?


There was a fic, of this nature, read out loud there. I thought:

1) this person is screwing with us to make us LOL;

2) this person is trying to see if that fic could be written and NOT be stupid;

3) either way, this person HAS TO HAVE BEEN THERE.

For all the reasons other commenters have cited, I think...this is probably not the best bunny that you have ever had. Either make the were-leopard more human than you intended to, or make your character another kind of shifter. Cat penis = hurty and small.

If you're looking for some research that other parties have done, you might want to look at -- warning! site has, um, adult toys. Non-human-modeled.

I'm in agreement with others who say that you may need to fudge this one somehow, because a) cats have small penises (I know, I know, I was very sad, too, which is why I moved to werewolves) and b) yeah, the barbs are going to be an issue.

In my own continuity, I've established that my were-creatures have some basic physiological differences from the animals they resemble, even when fully shifted. A more human internal organ structure and a more human urogenital system are both important to those differences.

It was worth the time I invested establishing that long before the weenis came out.

One further point; male cats (certainly domestic, and probably big cats) are stimulated by a female cat going into season. Humans don't go into season in the same way, so your leopard-man is going to have some problems getting started.

i read the post and all the comments without a single bit of humor... got to this and started giggling.

just imagining... a woman, very much in the mood, and a... wereleapord? looking at her going... "Sorry, you don't smell like you're in season."

for some reason this kills me.

I heard this awhile ago and I can't remember the source, so I wouldn't quote me on it on a term paper or anything and I'd love to see the term paper that would feature this topic, because then you would be taking a very interesting class, but I believe barbs and other unusual/complex genital shapes in animals tend to happen in promiscuous species(monogamous species rarely need to evolve such a thing), and are meant to help remove the sperm of any mate the female might have taken previously(or something to that effect; I confess I have no idea how that would work, but that seemed to be the gist of the theory).

Let's see a woman who fucks a leopard who is also a human, Huh, I know i've heard this before but where? Oh a little movie called Cat People with Nastassja Kinski and Malcolm McDowell. So the idea has already been done. Sorry.

Doesn't mean it can't be redone, with some sort of twist.


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