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Laurentian Abyss and the Canadian coast

Searches used: Laurentian Abyss location, Laurentian Abyss map, Google Maps, Googled "world atlas" and searched through those websites.
Setting: modern day, for a Transformers fic.

Where exactly is the Laurentian Abyss? The most I can seem to find is "in the Atlantic, off the eastern Canadian coast," but I'd like something a little more specific, if possible. Also, if I wanted something of extraterrestrial origins to set off from there in a vaguely southwesterly direction and arrive at a beach in North America that was unpopulated but still somewhat accessible (i.e. I need a giant robot that turns into a Topkick to be able to get there) about where would I want this thing to hit land? I'm thinking somewhere along the Netherlands (Newfoundland. Good God, you know you've been staring at a computer too long...) but depending on where the Laurentian Abyss actually is that might not be the most likely place.

All my searches are turning up the exact same three lines of information and I'm getting more than a little frustrated, so any help will be very appreciated.
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