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Bad Neighborhoods of Richmond, Virginia
lomesir22 wrote in little_details
Setting: Richmond, Virginia in modern day

Search terms: "crime in richmond, virginia", "richmond, virginia neighborhoods", "bad richmond neighborhoods", "bad richmond, virginia neighborhoods", etc.

Event: Vigilante in Richmond, Virginia fights crime in the "bad" neighborhoods. She also lives in one.


1. What are the three most dangerous neighborhoods in Richmond, Virginia by overall crime rate?
2. What are the public high schools in these neighborhoods?
3. Does Richmond have a drug problem? A gang problem?

EDIT: guys, please, stop arguing. I asked this question almost six years ago. The story is written and over with.

o1. Downtown Richmond. Gilpin Court and Laburnum Avenue, from my experience.
o3. I actually don't live in Richmond, so I've never heard of rampant drug or gang problems. They are present, though, and I know Richmond ranks very high in murder capitals.

I would try searching "dangerous neighborhoods/areas in Richmond, VA" to get more information in terms of accuracy. Searching public records might help, too.

I don't live in Richmond, but my Google-fu ain't bad.

This is a forum that evaluates cities if somebody's looking to move. I think if you posted there you'd have pretty good luck. (searched "richmond safety".

These are the crime statistic for Richmond in 2006. (searched "richmond crime rate")

For anything like this, is a great resource. Zoomable maps with times and dates (and general area, within a few blocks - no actual addresses, of course) of crimes reported in the area.

For Richmond, VA, specifically, it's

Creighton Court would work as well as Gilpin Court. (You can also reference the Gilpin Court murders perpetrated by Christopher Goins, which made national headlines) They are government project housing, all in roughly the same area (north of Churchhill, if I have my compass points correct), and there is a lot of violence there. (Also- see this site, which brings up some other bad areas like Jackson Ward) And this one has some photos of some of those areas.

Drugs are a serious problem in that area- I know someone who participated in a raid in one of the courts, and it sounded pretty scary. But as far as gangs go, not so much. Biker gangs are more likely to be an issue than street gangs (groups like the Pagans were responsible for much of the meth trafficking), but they're not really in your face. I would assume they have a bar, or some other kind of hangout, but I've never known anyone to have run afoul of a group like that.

As for the schools, sorry, can't help you there. Since I've never been interested in being a victim of a random shooting, I don't go near those neighborhoods. (And yeah- people who've taken a wrong turn or just been passing through those areas have been shot and killed. Some might have been targeted as outsiders, while others were killed in crossfire, as there are a lot of shootings there.) But doing a school district search for those areas would probably bring the answers you need. Also, checking public records, police reports for some of the areas listed will give you a better idea of the type of criminal activity. Trust me, Richmond has plenty!

Hope this helps!

Try the website of the local newspaper the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The homepage has a database of local crime stats and you can search for the other things you are looking for in their archives.

I live in downtown Richmond, VA. Bad neighborhoods are Jackson Ward and Churchill,though they are trying to revamp these areas by selling the houses very cheap, hoping that young professionals buy and fix up-- it's working, but slowly, so you'll see a new house beside a cinderblock one. Laburnum is a street that isn't great to go down--i was once lost, went into a gas station with the intention of asking directions and the cashier looked at me (I'm a young white professional woman, favoring preppier style clothes) and said, "You're lost. Where are you trying to be?" before I could ask.

The whole city is kind of schizophrenic-- one street is beautiful with old victorians and young couples on bikes while the street directly horizontal houses a chop shop and has a couch on the lawn. Living here, you learn which routes to take to which areas.

One of the defining proverbial "wrong side of the tracks" occurs at Shockoe Bottom (called "The Bottom" or the "The Slip", interchangably). That area (two streets, Cary and Main), are cobblestoned in the Bottom, there are high end bars (The Tobacco Company is a local favorite) that have dress codes and men must wear shirts with collars to get in-- and cute shops. The street that intersects (14th St) runs across train tracks and the Mayo Bridge. South of the Mayo Bridge is called "The Warehouse District", or at least, that's the new name for it. Currently, old factories and warehouses are being converted into art spaces and lofts. There is a very clear distinction, though, for being across the Mayo Bridge, even though it's a one minute drive. The area is mostly abandoned except for the lofts. That's actually where I live, in a place called The Parachute Factory. It's this weird community of young, successful professionals living on the very edge of the ghetto, because beside The Warehouse District is an area called Blackwell, which is also a very bad part of town.

I would agree with the poster above that there isn't a terrible amount of gang violence, at least not very publically that I know about, but there are lots, lots, lots of shootings. There are motorcycle groups and skinhead groups that hang out with the new wave-ish tattooed badass groups (where a lot of the girls that hang with this group look like Suicide Girls). There's a place called Rocks on Main Street that's a popular bar with that group, also a place called a McCormacks that fits with that group.

Richmond schools are notoriously bad-- I'm a high school teacher in Chesterfield County, a neighboring area. I interviewed for Richmond City and was offered a job on the spot, which is rare (and smells like desperation), and the HR guy asked me, "You do know this is an inner city school district, right? What's a sweet girl like you doing interviewing for a job like this?"

George Wyth (spelling might be off) and Armstrong are the two schools I was offered, and when I went to tour them, it was definitely rough. Either of those schools would fit.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to ask for more information if you need personal accounts.

Also, I'd be interested to read whatever it is your writing.

u can not say that wythe is rough maybe if teacher give student a try maybe you could had made a better for someone and stop sterotype everyone they would be good with out yur type that why chesterfield have problem now wish you best like sine you thoght wythe was rough you dont knw rough

You must have went there because you can't spell

uhh yeah, while in general all of that info was somewhat sound like a stuck up brat. some of the places you call rough are actually decent compared to places like gilpin, mosby, whitcomb, brooklyn park and parts of highland park...and chesterfield has a rampant drug problem, i would know being a child of clover hill...where i did coke in the bathroom. you are just clouded by your little snubnosed idea of whats rough to you...which is most likely just where everything doesnt look like its out of ikea.

Where is a good area to open a boostmobile store in richmond, is there shopping by gilpin ct at all?

I am being relocated to Richmond, Va from Tampa, FL. I saw some lofts in Shockhoe Bottom that I was interested in, but have heard mixed views on the area. Do you have any input?

Shockhoe Bottom is a pretty nice area. I think you should be fine. They're beautiful down there. :) Welcome to Richmond!

Lol its funny how areas are defined put it like this I stay in a area that u call bad poor and so on I grew up in what u call bad poor and etc. What is bad to u is home to me I have no problems where I'm at the problem in the hood is the rich people coming around the way buying drugs in the hood keeping the corner boys busy with business in which causes problems with the man that is on the other corner who didn't cop that sell then gun play comes in for that rich mans money in lies the areas main root of problem I like how people are scared of what they think is bad awful and so on do me a favor let the dealers set up shop in your white collar neighbor hood so u can deal with the problem and then I can post comments like I know what I'm talking about your area and really don't do me a favor stop posting remarks about things u don't know about all u know. Is from tv or the paper all of u sound like little pussys seeing were you sre all the scared to go to grow a sac people need to sac up stop being so damn pussy like oh I can't go here I heard its bad war is worse I know first hand so get over it and sac up

Care to translate into English? There are more than enough idiots in your own neighborhood that are addicted to drugs and will lie, cheat and steal to get their fix from your neighborhood drug dealer. “Rich” people, as you call them, 99% of the time get their fix from people they know and don't have to worry about going into shitty places such as your dump to get high.

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I'm from Richmond and I'd say the bad areas are Jackson Ward, Scotts Addition, and Mosby Court, which is a housing project area. I knew someone raised in Mosby Court who said she grew up exposed to violence. As far as the city being bad, I had a coworker die due to gun violence. But I feel pretty safe in most of downtown.

don't mess with gilpin ct i used to live there i had a friend who got shot twice there


Scott's addition is not rough. Neither is most of richmond. Some truth and a whole lot of dumb going on here...

Highland springs va the murder capitol

Whitcomb court is the roughest most dangerous project all the boys 25 and under are running the hood guns are everywhere and all dem young boys getting money especially dem ambrose boys