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A broken tailbone and painmeds

I've been researching this for a while, with any possible combinations of "broken tailbone", "menial tasks", "coping", "patient stories" and so on, and came up with different accounts, ranging from '6 weeks to heal' to people experiencing severe pain 2 years since the trauma. I understand every injury is different, but I'd like to clarify a few things.

\\And before you ask, yes I'm writing a weepy lovestory about one person recovering, the other helping. They try to solve some crime in the midde of it all, but it doesn't make it less weepy.\\

1. So character A landed on his butt and broke his tailbone. Will it be evident that something is seriously wrong after the first pain after the fall eases? I mean, can it be just chalked up to 'fell very hard, hurt really bad, probably will get a bruise' and it will get worse after a while, like when you try to sit down; or is it immediately incasipating?

2. A person with this kind of injury, in serious amount of pain, is taken to an ER. How long will they have to wait? What would be a most comfortable position to do so, since sitting is obviously out of the question? Is standing more comfortable, maybe bracing yourself on the wall? Or will a person be admitted immediately? How long can they keep you waiting?

3. After what procedures the person will be diagnosed? How painful will those be?

4. What exactly hurts, besides 'everything'? I read about sitting up, that is written in every article I could find. But some say it is easier when you lean slighly forward, some say bending forward hurts too. Later, while recuperating - does it hurt to stand\walk\laugh\think? I imagine bending or parting your legs would hurt, what else?

5. What is the most comfortable position you can assume? What (besides painkillers) helps to manage the pain? I mean things like ice, nice tea and warm fuzzy animals, not alternative remedies.

6. If there is a person who is willing to haul you around, helping you standing\sitting up while you heal, how exactly should they go about it? Is it better done slow or in one swift motion? Or is pointless, and it would hurt regardless? What would you need help besides standing\sitting up?

7. How does recovery progress? Do you steadily get better or do you have 'good' and 'bad' days? What determines what 'kind' of day you have?

9. I've read about really painful bowel movement - can it be helped by taking a stool softner or is it painful nonetheless?

10. Is it better to just stay immobile or try to move around? I've read some patient report where the person said that 'it will hurt anyway, so you may as well get the best exersize of it' but I doubt the sanity of the person.

11. I've read something about muscle spasms making a regular occurence, but everything in my head is spinning from copious amounts of research on different traumas. Do they really occur with this particular injury? What is the cause? Where do they usually occur? If it's in the back muscles, is the usual 'massage the pain away' approach still valid, or will it cause more pain to the tailbone?

12. What exactly are the parts you can massage with an injury like that, meaning how far down the back can you go without causing pain?

13. After a week or 10 days or so can a person run if they really need to or is it too painful?

14. What pain meds are usually prescribed, how many times a day do you take them, what rules are there (like no more than ...pills in...hours)

15. How does being drugged up feel? Meaning - do you still your have you mental faculties intact, able to react quickly, get a joke, follow a conversation, so on? I understand it depends on the dosage - do you need that much medication and if yes, for how long?

16. How long, generally, does it take to heal? What can speed up\slow the process?
Thanks in advance)
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