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Nurses 1970's Uniform

For the most part my questions have been answered, thanks so much guys!


I'm setting a story in London during the 1970's. My main character is a female nurse, and as such I've been doing some research in regards too costume.

Basically I want to know if the following information is correct, plus a few other things:

I gather from here that a nurses uniform consisted of the following:

"Historically, a typical nurse uniform consisted of a dress, pinafore apron and nurse's cap. In some hospitals, however, student nurses also wore a nursing pin, or the pinafore apron may have been replaced by a cobbler style apron. This type of nurse's dress continues to be worn in many countries."

I've also found some pictures both here and here

Interestingly the first one talks about caps and pins. Since this source is outside the UK, I was wondering - amongst other things - if the UK also adopted that practice? Is there anything that a UK nurse at the time might have worn - like a watch pinned to there apron or something? Is this information accurate? And lastly - where the main dresses blue or white? No one seems to be able to agree.

I have searched the internet far and wide for the answers to these questions but to no avail. Any and all information would be much appreciated.

A/N: I used Google and Wikipedia searching under - 'Nursing in the 1970s', 'Nurse Uniforms in the 1970's' and '1970's medicine'.

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