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Nickname for teen boy
themus_revenge wrote in little_details
When:  Now.  Today.

Where:  US

Research:  Have googled different combinations of 'child' 'son' 'boy' 'kid' 'teen' and 'nickname' or 'pet name' and have only come up with some really unhelpful teen chat forums and lists of names for pets.  Yeah.  I also searched back through the archives here and although there are some previous questions on nicknames none of them really touch on what I need.

Question:  My main character, an adult male is interacting with  . . . let's call him a stepson for simplicity's sake.  The piece is written from the adult's POV.  For reasons I will not go into, I cannot use the kid's name in the piece, at all, not even in description.  This is a problem, because I honestly don't think my MC would think of him as 'the kid' the entire 2500 words.  It's becoming awkward and unrealistic trying to dodge around using the kid's name.

So what I'm looking for is a generic nickname that men give to teenage boys who they are in a friendly father-son relationship with.  Things like Buddy, Kid, Slugger or Ace, except that for other reasons I can't go into I cannot use any of those, either.  Frustrating, isn't it?  The kid in question is very mature and independent so cheesy or little-kiddy nicknames just wouldn't sit right.  I just desperately need something that I can throw in instead of a name.

Can anyone help me?  Pretty please?

ETA:  I've got it, thanks everybody.  I'm going to go with the 'nicknamed after a hobby/obsession' idea.

Yeah, that might work . . . *thinks*

There's always "Sport," though that's a little old-fashioned.

*looks up* Ah, never mind. XD

What about Mate?

It may be a little Australian for your needs though...

Yeah, it wouldn't quite sound right, but thanks anyway. :)

Could he have a nickname related to a life event or feature. EG if he is really good at running his Dad might call him Speedy or something.

Quite possibly. That's a good idea - I'll have to see if I can come up with something.

Brat, but affectionately.

"Junior" is a classic. "Son" might work. "Bro" ... probably not, unless their relationship is very, very casual.

A person can pick up a nickname through an activity he or she enjoys, or something that sticks in the namer's memory. A boy with his nose deep inside a Harry Potter book might get "Harry" or "Potter" when the nicknamer sees him next. If the kid wears glasses and is studious and serious, perhaps he'd get "Doc" or "Professor", or if he's artsy, "Picasso" or "Pablo".

This is very definitely a good idea. Now it's just up to me to come up with something o.o

It may even be the reverse of what you think the nickname should be - it's quite common in some parts of the world (like Australia) to invert nicknames.

Thus, a red-haired man might be 'Blue' or 'Bluey', and someone who's kind of short might go by 'Lofty'.

Would "Lad" work in the US?

'Little Man'

'Big Guy'

'Kiddo' (though this probably doesnt fit if he's mature for a kid)



There will always be "dude".

Some nicknames vary from region to region in the US. Kid is one that didn't get used a lot in the area that I'm from (rural south). It may be more popular in other regions.

My brother got the nickname 'boy' when he was young. (He was the youngest of 3. I was Daughter 1 and my sis was daughter 2.) The name stuck, and now he's Uncle Boy.

Bub or Bubba is a shortened nickname for brother where I'm from just like Sis and Sissy are shortened nicknames for sister (yes, I have two cousins named bubba, one 'little burt' who is fully grown and in the military (was named after his uncle) and an 'aunt sis' who used to be 'sissy'). Also 'son' which is formal. Junior is used for sons named after their fathers. Also might be known as "big X and Little X."

Lad and Mate would sound very foreign to anyone from the US.

In US context, lad definitely calls to mind 1950s pulp superheroes: the adventures of Wonderman and Danger Lad! But actually one could get some humorous mileage out of something like 'Danger Lad', or even 'Boy Wonder', depending on the character...

A nickname could also derive from some embarrassing scrape/ incident/ prank the kid once got into - a teasing tongue-in-cheek reminder.

I have noticed that my co-workers, even people I've worked with a long time, tend to refer to their children as "my kid" or "the kid" without naming them; I guess it's a habit people get into in conversation to avoid confusion... so if the narration is first person (as if told _to_ someone) I could see them doing that...but I can understand wanting to vary it.

How about "slick"? MIB FTW

But really, it's not unusual for parents to give their children names based on characters from stories, movies, tv, and such because they share similarities in appearance or behavior. EG: When I was little, I was smaller than the average toddler and had blond hair, so my dad called me "Boo", which he claims is after Cindy-Lu Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (I don't see how that translates to Boo but whatever). Or, possibly more appropriate, some boys at a camp I went to called me "Zelda" (as in "The Legend of Zelda") because they thought I looked like her. There are endless possibilities, and it can be quite fun :D

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