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Argentine Wedding Traditions/Customs

Time: The not-too-distant future. Assume a world that's not really too different to now.

Situation: The family of one of my characters emigrated from Argentina to an unspecified Western country when the character in question was about nine or ten. This character is now twenty-three, and about to get married.

Question: What sort of traditions/superstitions/customs/things that you just do because that's what happens at weddings (I'm thinking of things like pinning money on the bride's dress like I've seen at Greek weddings in Australia, or the 'something old' rhyme that now seems to be fairly common all over the place) might she know about or remember and want to include?

Already Searched: Wikipedia - 'wedding traditions', 'Argentine culture' etc
Google - 'Argentina wedding customs'
Tags: argentina (misc), ~weddings
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