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Card Games; Affectionate nicknames for Grandmother/Aunt/Great Aunt

My first post; it's a two-parter, and help would be appreciated. (NaNo. Big surprise.)

Part 1
Setting is eastern North Carolina, although the setting isn't too relevant.

I'm looking for a card game that:
-is fairly complicated
-can be played by two people, and adding more people wouldn't affect gameplay
-is considered fairly intellectual or sophisticated
-would be a challenge to cheat on, but not impossible (cheating methods would also be appreciated...)
-doesn't have an embarrassing/childish name

The number of decks needed don't matter.

My original thought was Bridge, but I was told it wouldn't work with just two people. My stepdad suggested Canasta, but I don't know anything about it.

I checked Wikipedia's card games list, but Jiminy Cricket is it ever epic. And I'm not sure how to Google this, as there are a lot of points to cover.

Part 2
I need an affectionate nickname for a Grandmother, Aunt, or Great Aunt. Something along the lines of "Nana," but preferably from a European language. I know this is vague, but I looked through all, oh, seven languages on Babelfish and the best I could come up with was "Nonna," which it says is grandmother in Italian.

As a note, the exact meaning doesn't have to be one of the three, as long as it's generally an older/elder(ly) woman that one is rather close to. Taken care of, thanks!

Thanks in advance. :3
Tags: ~games, ~languages (misc)
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