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the effects of an erection/arousal while "tucked"
coloredink wrote in little_details
Hello, gentlemen and ladies of this community!

I've read various crossdressing/crossplay forums and Googled for "erection while tucked" and various permutations thereof (usually the addition or subtraction of words such as "crossdress" and "trans"), but I haven't quite found the answer to my question.

Basically, I need to know what happens when a cross-dresser has an erection or becomes aroused while tucked--not taped. Is it painful? Will it ruin his tuck? What's going to happen, here? He'll be wearing women's panties as well as hose, if that matters. According to my research a pro can apparently learn to repress his/her erections (?!), but my character isn't quite that experienced.

Thank you so very much, and I look forward to your answers!

Oh shit I was thinking of asking this question myself! I need to know about it +taped though if anybody's got that info to add on for you :(

Look no farther! See below! :D

In my experience, you actually can't get an erection. it sort of creates a "kink in the hose" effect.

NSFW pictures and links Below!

How the blood flows in an erection

How Tucking works

to furthur the visualization...

Oh wow o_o I never knew it was possible to pull off a mangina that well. Hehe.

Wow. I had no idea. Thank you for posting that!

Um. Well, that explains "Miss Saigon". I shall go in my corner now and whimper in total confusion over why a person wouild lie so in the first place.

I can't quite tell what #5 is. Is that a glue applicator of some sort?

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Okay, now I just have to ask: How do people pee?
(+ Thanks for the visual aid here, I've been wondering about the same thing too.)

Regarding #4 and #5, where are the testicles being taped on to?

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That is seriously awesome. I wish I could show my sibling that. She dislikes her manbits with a passion.

I wanted to thank you for posting this question because it's resulted in some fascinating information! (Even if my first reaction to the pictures is to cross my legs and think OUCH!!)

You're so welcome! :D :D :D This is indeed a fascinating topic, and I'm so glad posting this question has resulted in so much good information for so many people. :3

This is only semi-relevant and for that I apologise but since there seem to be several people interested in the topic I found this place pretty helpful for visualising my drag queens when I wrote about them. Especially in the 'basics' section which has underwear and such in it.

BTW does anyone know a statistical study of sexuality amongst drag queens (ie how many are gay, bi, and straight) ?

I heard somewhere that most cross-dressers identify as straight, and if the forums I've been reading are representative at all, this seems to be true; the majority of cross-dressers I've encountered are straight and do it for fetishist reasons or just think women's clothes are comfy and/or stylish. :) (I find this amusing, as I'm a woman who occasionally does drag and shops almost exclusively in the men's section because, er, I find men's clothes more comfortable and stylish! I guess the grass really is always greener.)

If by "drag queens" you mean drag performers, then I have no idea. All the drag queens I've ever met were gay or MTF, but that may not necessarily mean anything, as I've met, like, two.

What about a gaff? Kinda like a jockstrap but instead of strapping it tucks back TIGHTLY. You can take it off to piddle, and I don't think you can get an erection with one (because it bends it back and HOLDS it back, kinda like a male chastity device, but way more tucky)

I did look into those! But right now I'm more interested in what happens if someone has an erection (or, er, the body attempts to have an erection) while tucked. Thanks, though! :)

i love the internet. :D

first off i want to say thank you for posting the question and the answers especially the pictures. it was so informative. i had always wondered how they did that. we were at a drag show the other night and their fronts looked so smooth. now that i think back i think she wore a gaff to keep it looking so smooth. however one of them didn't and we thought she kept checking herself every few minutes.

ohh one last thing, how do you pee with it tucked like this

Ooops, i did it again1


2011-06-25 08:16 pm (UTC)

j4j3h4kj5 [url=]link[/url]

I have friggin small balls yet they hurt like hell when I attempt to do the tuck.
Ow, what exactly am I doing wrong?
My testicles are seeming to pose the biggest problem for me.
Second biggest problem is that I tend to get an erection in the midst of doing so which would then make it impossible to even pull it down.

It tends to feel a bit sore if I move around too much after being tucked.
Is that normal? Do I need to do it a few more times before I get used to this feeling?
And how do I even pee or shit when either tucked and taped or in a gaff?

I like to crossdress for fetishistic reasons, and have no problems achieving erections while tucked. I don't use tape or gaffs, simply thongs that are small and elastic. Satin, lycra or microfiber work best, while cotton and lace are not so good. If pulled up properly, the fabric will hold your penis back and your testicles inside your body. Just remember to rotate your penis half a turn when you're pulling it back so it won't be upside down, and do it only when it's flaccid. A steady squeeze on your testicles will create just enough pain to deflate you if needed - but be gentle. Low ride thongs work best, and if you want some serious control you can make the crotch shorter by making a knot in the narrowest part. As a bonus, the knot will massage your anus ;-)

If you don't mind just a tiny amount of discomfort, it can be quite pleasurable. You can get a not-so-hard erection in this state, and when you walk your thighs will rub against the tip of your penis, which can quickly drive you over the top. You can also reach from behind under your skirt and massage the tip through your panties, just like if it was a girl's clitoris - very erotic, especially if you're admiring the view in a mirror.

If you don't want to keep washing your panties constantly, don't use a condom - 99% are lubricated and will slide off. Just before tucking, grab a small square of saran wrap (half of the roll's width) and wrap your best friend tightly. Your later erection will keep it nice and tight, and nothing will come out when you explode in joy.

It's nice to fall asleep like this and get an instant hard-on when you wake up and realize that you are still dressed and tucked, but I try not to spend like this more than a few hours at a time just in case all that twisting and turning does some long term damage. I have a wife, and she has needs too...

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I tuck constantly both when as a man. And when I am dressed, , I am 23 straight and married to a straight woman I even use gorilla glue to hold for days I am taking hormones because soon I can't stand my manparts and want them gone. Yes I tuck all the time. I wish there was a way to make it more permanent. Is this possible until I have my surgery. . I have a large member and it constantly pops looking like I have a solid shoved in my jayjay