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Eating out with no teeth

My character has no teeth, and doesn't wear dentures. They're not lost due to age or decay - she just naturally has no teeth, due to not being completely human (a sluagh, for those who know the Changeling setting). I need to figure out what she can eat, besides soup and mashed potato.

The setting is the UK, and the present. I've searched for variations on the theme of 'food no teeth' but all I can find is stuff about pureeing stuff for babies.

Pureeing everything is not an option for my girl, as she's out and about a lot, and needs to be able to eat in restaurants and fast food places without looking overly conspicuous. To a normal human, she appears to have teeth, so eating nothing but soup would look strange. Does anyone have any suggestions for how she can eat and still pass as normal?

Edit: Thanks for the help, everyone. It looks like she can get away with eating most things so long as they aren't too crunchy and she can cut them up first.
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