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kutsuwamushi wrote in little_details
If you have a problem or question, please leave a comment on this entry. I'll receive notification of it and will reply as soon as possible.

All comments are automatically screened but will be unscreened if I reply. If you want to keep our correspondence private, please tell me how you would like you privately.

Also, please note that anonymous commenting has always been allowed on little_details . If you're commenting about being banned, or don't want to reveal your username for some reason, you can still comment.

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I'm sorry I could not write a reply to this earlier; I'm afraid I was rather busy up until now. I hope that the offer to pose a question to you is still open, and if not, I apologize for bothering you.

My concern is that many things in this community could possibly be construed as offensive, disturbing, or triggering. I am heartened that many people do think to put violent or sexual questions behind a cut (in compliance with rule #4 on the community userinfo), but some people, it seems do not seem to do this. I have noticed that it's especially prevalent when someone has a question regarding rape or rape procedure, though this may be hedonic relevance.

I suppose I don't have much a request beyond reminders for people to put such questions behind cuts, because it can be very unpleasant to see such things on one's friends page with little to no warning.

Thank you.

I haven't any graphic descriptions of sex or violence (which is what the rule covers) being posted without a cut. Can you give me some links?

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
I'm quite upset that you've just rejected my post which had about three or four questions about baseball in it. I'm a Brit, and I know nothing about baseball, or the grounds or the facilities.

I'm a novelist and I take great pride in the level of research that I do, and I would never have posted a frivolous question on this community. I'd been surfing for a couple of hours and couldn't find out the answer to the question.

The community is called "little details" and this is, to me, just as important as whether guys can have freckles on their penises, which also could be answered by a sarky comment like " freckles on penises press enter."

Your flippant answer only covered charity baseball game anyway, not the other queries.

I won't be using your community any more, even though I often try and help other writers here, and I will be posting about your sarcasm in my LJ, just so other professional writers are warned not to expect the friendly community they obviously thought it was.

Have you read the community's interests list, by any chance? That aside...

You shouldn't take a simple post rejection so personally. I don't know you, so it stands to reason that I have no idea whether you're the type to follow the rules or not. Why you seem to be taking it as a slight on your character is beyond me.

I picked a question out of your post, googled it using the most obvious keywords, and found the answer to your question on the first page of results. I assumed (and quite reasonably) that you didn't research that question much.

I'm sorry that I rejected your post in error. Not that I think it was wrong to do so, but if I want to enforce the "do your goddamn research rule" at all, mistakes are inevitable, and I know that can be frustrating for our members. As for the sarcasm... uh, what sarcasm? I just typed up exactly what I did to find the answer.

All you had to do was contact me to let me know that you did attempt to research it, or even just resubmitted with an added note explaining that you were unable to find the answer. You're still welcome to do that, if you change your mind.

I won't be using your community any more, even though I often try and help other writers here, and I will be posting about your sarcasm in my LJ, just so other professional writers are warned not to expect the friendly community they obviously thought it was.

Oh, boo.

Question as to why my post was rejected: The reasoning stated in the email was that my question on whether or not it's alright to call a real place by its "real" (in that if you're from the area, you know what/where it is, but it's not a company or institution) name and whether or not that goes against normal disclaimer rules "isn't what the community is for" and that it might be better suited for "inspiracy". Seeing as how this community is for "little details" such as, well, names of things, and the other community is for opinions or general "how to write" type information, I don't see the connection.

Sorry if this comes off as rude, but I really don't see how a name of a place isn't a "little detail" and is asking for advice.

Little_details is for a specific type of writing advice: helping with factual accuracy in stories. Your question appeared to be about the rules of writing itself: "Is it acceptable to do this?" That isn't covered under the community's purpose.

Did I misunderstand what you were asking?

Not a problem - on the contrary! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the way things are working now: I no longer end up wading through comment after comment to find out that the setting is not actually one that I know anything about.

Hi. *wave* I'm just wondering; where do I go for my first post to be read over and approved? I read over the rules and didn't see it there. Hope its okay if I ask this here?

Go to

Type up your entry and under Post to:, select little_details. If you've posted to other communities, it's just the same.

I'm leaving the community. Nokomarie's thing on the tucking post has gone on way too long.

I don't understand why that would make you leave the community, or why you think that I need to know.

You don't seem interested in communicating with me about your problem--why tell me when you've already made up your mind, after it's too late for me to do anything or explain my reasoning? It's kind of pointless.

(Deleted comment)
Sorry about that, I was waiting to see if she would respond before replying to you, and the emails got bumped down.

For now, I don't think she's doing anything that merits an official response. We seem to have interpreted her last comment to you differently; I read it as merely stupid, not rude. I'd rather wait until she makes more similarly unhelpful responses or does something that is unequivocally rude before coming down on her officially.

Probably shouldn't be long.

(Deleted comment)
It is my understanding that only mod/s can add new tags to the comm. It is also my understanding that in order to contact the mod/s I ought to comment here.
I wanted to suggest a tag. gods, mythology: gods, or something like that. There is not one single tag to do with gods. (I managed to find the post I wanted under the 'religion & mythology: misc' tag, which I don't think is really the most desctiptive tag).
I understand that not everything needs a tag (eg. why have a 'scotch' tag and a 'vodka' tag when you can have an 'alcohol' tag.). The point I'm making is that sometimes if you are looking for something here, you need to really think creatively about what tags to try and use, which can be frustating cos people come here after already getting fed up with trying one million search strings in google.
Hm. I think I am coming off as lazy. The point I am trying to make is that maybe there should be a post where we can suggest tags, (and show our evidence for the tag being needed by linking to posts on the same theme that have six different tags etc.).

I realise I have rambled, and that there are brackets everywhere. I hope I have made sense.

I don't understand why "religion & mythology" wouldn't be the obvious place to look for posts about gods, honestly. The tags are being used as categories, not keywords; gods would obviously be in the religion & mythology category, no? I explain this on the user info.

I really don't want to create an extra tag when I don't see the need for it, since I'm trying to keep the tags list shorter to make reading through it for the relevant category easier.

Looking for a post.... or my marbles, I'm not sure.


2007-09-03 12:22 am (UTC)

I did look, honest, but couldn't find a thing--did this community ever have a post about book rec communities? My brain is insisting there's a what_should_i_read_next or the like. I'm trying to do research on 1600's France, and I have WAY too many questions to even think of asking anything here just yet.

If not, know of any? I tried searching for communities by interest, too, but no luck.

Re: Looking for a post.... or my marbles, I'm not sure.


2007-09-03 12:35 am (UTC)

I don't remember any post like that, and unfortunately I don't know of any communities like what you want.

But it's perfectly acceptable to post to the community asking for book recs on your time period! The only requirement is that you do some looking for books on your own. The comm will probably feel more helpful if you let them know what you've found and ask for their opinions and additional recommendations.

Just wondering if something is appropriate to post here...

Would I be allowed to provide pictures of a dog (not animated) and then ask if anyone can tell the dog's breed/possible ancestry? It's not something I can really Google, and dog breed sites have proved immensely unhelpful for someone who doesn't even know where to begin. (It is for a fic, so I don't mind something like "well I can't be sure without DNA but it looks like it might have Golden Retriever in it".)

I understand totally if this would be off-topic, since I'm not sure how "technical" it really is, but I thought I'd give it a shot. :) Thanks!

Edited at 2007-11-13 07:44 pm (UTC)

Actually, that's completely on-topic. Just put the picture behind the cut and there should be no problem.

it's been a while since i posted here, and if i remember right all we're supposed to do to close the topic is edit and add 'thanks for the help' to the subject and post, right? (you took this out of the rules, btw)

it's not that i'm ungrateful for more comments after the fact, but could you please do something with my post.
i've gotten more help than i hoped for, but there's such a thing as too much research, at least for me.

You must be thinking of another community, because that's never been part of the rules. If you've already received enough help, then it's nice to add a note to the end of your post saying so and thanking the people who commented, but you could also just ... you know, ignore future comments.

If you don't want to receive emailed comments, then you can edit the post to change the email notification settings to no email.

could you please do something with my post.

Well, no. The only thing I could do is delete it, and after so many members have commented on it, that would be a shame.

(Just in case you're wondering, you shouldn't delete it either. Or disable comments. The post has to stay up.)

I know it says first posts get screened, but how long does it typically take for them to appear? Did my post go through? Was it not approved? I was hoping to get answers before Feb. 13 if possible, if not I can always edit the changes after the challenge is over.

I clear the queue at least once a day, usually more often. IIRC, I rejected your post because you didn't provide any information on how you attempted to research your questions and it seemed like at least part of your question could have been answered by basic research. You should have gotten an email from LiveJournal.

You're free to repost, but you might want to go over the rules again before you submit it.

Is it OK to post something that is NOT a question, if you come across an odd fact or information nugget that someone may find useful?

In this instance I'm specifically referring to this post; it contains some general information about oil rigging and a specific instance of a problem, both about mudlogging which I'd never heard of before.

Yes, that's perfectly fine!

I just left the comm and while I considered posting a little rant about why, I figured that that was both inappropriate and not really on-topic. However, I did want to express my concerns, because it's an issue that has been increasingly common even in the months since I first became a member and it looks like it's only going to get worse.

When I first started posting, other members had great suggestions and made an effort to help me work out a situation that may have been implausible, but which was an important part of my book. Sure it wasn't 100% realistic, but hey, it's fiction. You get to choose your level of realism and it's your responsibility as a writer to understand what your audience wants/expects in terms of realism.

Lately, however, commentors seem to be focused more on shooting down ideas than offering suggestions. For example, my recent post:

50+ comments. 3 of them actually answered my question. The rest asked for information way beyond the scope of the question itself (in fact, I edited the post several times to try and clarify, but that just seemed to make things worse), to say that my characters were idiots, and to say that my idea was utterly unworkable (because anyone reading the book would think the characters were idiots). I spent hours yesterday trying to come up with polite responses to people who were shooting down my ideas at every level. There's a fine line between constructive criticism and negative criticism and in my opinion, most of the responses I recevied were on the wrong side of the line.

I used to enjoy posting to the comm and reading responses to other people's posts. Now I'm afraid that I'll be belittled again if I try to post an idea that apparently is not up to the standards of the other members of the comm and I'm seeing the same attitude in comments to other posts (including one earlier this week, where the OP was mocked for coming to the comm rather than performing an experiment that might have damaged his/her plumbing). Lately it feels like comments come from the same few posters, all of whom have taken it upon themselves to act as the reality police, rather than actually being helpful. Even if they would be both, it would be fine ('the idea doesn't really work because of this..., but if you're really determined to go this way you can try this...'), but to just harp on the problems in the post rather than being helpful simply is not in the spirit of the comm I joined last year.

Just my two cents. Thanks for listening.

I'm sorry that you felt attacked. I've been watching that thread, however, and I don't think that the commenters who are trying to convince you that it's a bad idea are out of line. Sometimes people post questions here that are based on false premises, and as a fact-checking community, it's completely within our purpose to point out when this happens.

Also, from my point of view, you're not clearly communicating that you're set on the idea whether it's sensible or not. Your clarifications only make it seem like you're trying to convince the commenters that it is sensible, so it's not surprising that they would say, "no, it still doesn't work." (paraphrased)

This isn't a personal attack on you, but a criticism of your idea.

If you're only interested in the translations you originally asked for, then you should directly say you only want translations, that you're aware of the problems with it but want to go ahead and do it anyway.

Providing reference links


2008-05-28 06:12 pm (UTC)

I see a lot of posts which ask for information on job duties. Is it permitted to post a Reference on the subject? (I'm thinking specifically about the US Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles, which includes job descriptions.)

Re: Providing reference links


2008-05-29 12:31 am (UTC)

Yes, it's definitely allowed, although it's best to stick to things that come up frequently (like it seems this is).

wondering why my post hasn't been approved or denied yet.

just curious.

of course, i am an insomniac, so you might not be online this late.

you are perfectly welcome to do some mod-magic and not let this comment show.

You rejected my post.I was just wondering why and if there was something I could do/fix so that if I tried to re-submit it,it wouldn't be rejected again. I really need the info I asked for and any help that anyone could offer.

Please read the user info and the latest mod post to the community, which was made just before you attempted to post.

Hi, I was wondering if you'd mind if I included your community's link on our profile page? It's for fanfic, vidding and art and I'm just including a few links that could be benficial to our members. Thanks either way.

You don't need my permission to link. Go ahead.

Is a word search post allowed? I'm looking for a word with a very particular meaning that I used to know*, but my google-fu, wiki-fu, and reverse-dictionary-fu have all failed me.

* - a change in an age of civilization, such that people before the age are unable to conceive of the lifestyles of the people of that age, i.e. the changes of industrialization.

Yep, those types of posts are allowed.

post needs to be under a lj-cut!


2008-11-27 06:52 pm (UTC)

i understand that it's not _extremely_ specific, but several people have already complained, and it would only take a few seconds for the poster to stick it under a cut.


Re: post needs to be under a lj-cut!


2008-11-28 01:18 am (UTC)

little_details doesn't require that posts this vague be put under a cut, but it looks like the poster already complied without any mod interference, anyway.

Unruly Posts and Answering


2008-12-27 02:19 am (UTC)

Should we hold off on answering a question if it lacks indications of research and setting?

Re: Unruly Posts and Answering


2008-12-27 02:24 am (UTC)

This is just my opinion, because there's no rule on it:

Just neglecting to answer the question won't accomplish anything, because someone else will inevitably try to answer it, and even if the poster notices less replies, they're not going to know why.

Pointing out that keywords and setting information are required is better. I know it should be the mod's job, but to be honest I get burnt out on constantly reminding people about it and I appreciate the help as long as people are reasonably polite. :)

I keep forgetting to ask - am I supposed to tag my entry, or is tagging a mods-only duty? Thanks!

You can tag your entry, but only mods can create new tags. If you don't tag, though, that's fine.

Me again. I'm looking for a post from a couple months ago, maybe back in 2008. I've tried searching with ljseek and google, and through the tags listed but wasn't able to find it. It was a post about child murderers(children murdering other children). What tag would that be under?

I don't remember the post in enough detail to tell you. It could be under one of the law tags, under the psych tag... and it's possible it was never tagged at all.

You might have better luck just going to the monthly archive page and scanning through the subject lines.

New layout, no links


2009-03-07 05:38 pm (UTC)

I'm not sure what is going on here, but since the new layout, I can't click on anything (except in the sidebar). No little mouse hand, no links, nothing going anywhere unless I say "view in my style". The links in the side bar (calendar, tags) work, if in slow motion.

I'm using Opera 8.51 on WinXP, in case this is relevant.

Re: New layout, no links


2009-03-07 05:53 pm (UTC)

I've changed the theme, but not the layout. Is it still broken?

I was really getting sick of the old ugly layout, but I'll change it back if the new one is broken in Opera.

Help help, the com is being overrun by lolcat spam :(

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